Video: “Revolution” by El Solitario MC

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“We, the makers, are tired of conventionalism, corporation bullying and people trying to tell us we can’t do it,” state El Solitario. “We, the makers, believe in people that want to create things, made to last, with their own hands.”

“We, the makers, believe that changes happen when humans with the same interests gather freely to think, therefore, we only pretend to shed another light on this global phenomenon that is taking place @ your backyard, where non-sustainable systems systematically destroy sustainable ones, where short term profit has the power to overwhelm common sense and where progress is not progress but a constant destruction of an environment we will never be able to replace.”

“You trusting bunnies of the world, must realize that planned obsolescence is part of this society we live in, so think twice next time a predator invites you to dinner!@#$”

  • KevinB

    Well A) that was out there, but perhaps more related to motorcycling B) I am so glad I own a modern bike.

  • Eduard

    what the fudge did i just watch?

  • Scott Jones

    So glad I waited till I got home from work to watch that.

  • karlInSanDiego

    Power to the Peop….uh Echo & BunnyHeads

  • AngryRobot

    I’ve check out their site every once in a while. gotta love their attitude towards bikes and life. Neo-futurists perhaps?

  • Kerry Swartz

    Right out of DiCE central casting. Just becuase you have a camera capable of making videos doesn’t mean you need to.

    • hangaround

      The other way round, you may make use of your right of not watching the video.

  • Victor Lombardi

    I like that HFL is reaching for the profound. But that was just obtuse.

  • KeithB


  • Nick K

    What a bunch of crappy bikes.

  • grahluk

    What exactly do they make? A cocktail of pretension and nostalgia?

    • orthorim

      Take that, evil corporations! We’re modifying our Triumph now.

  • Lawrences

    Did that Triumph have a electronic ignition upgrade?

  • Kr Tong

    This was flippin great. IF there’s ever more i gotta see em.

  • HammerheadFistpunch

    Have to travel in a pack/colony that big, as half those bikes sound like they’re on their last legs.

    Nice video, right up there with the Latebirds. Are all y’all in the movie biz too?

  • Brett Lewis

    Ehhh, what’s up Donnie Darko?

  • mike

    They’d like you to buy some of their coveralls and sh*t.

  • Eric

    well they capture a glimpse of the essence,
    image, feeling, archetype whatever you want to call it of this
    contradictory country (Spain) and somehow put
    it into their bikes or footage. Like the movie of the guy on the
    sidecar beemer doing all the bars of the states. They are quite sharp with their perception, and it is the same kind of thing the designers of something like the R1 did.

  • hangaround

    …..aaaaaand, it’s GONE!

  • mugget man

    Never even saw this myself. Apparently it was all part of their plan to only have it out for a few days. And now it’s job is done, it’s gone. Well that was all a bit weird…