Waiting out Winter

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Created by Andrew David Watson, the same guy that made the awesome video profile of Liberty Vintage Cycles, Waiting out Winter is “A homage to all craftspeople who spend their winters tucked inside their workshops waiting for better weather.”

  • Brett

    Sigh. I know you’re not supposed to wish for the passage of time, but… Edmonton winters just never seem to end.

  • Scott Jameson

    Chilly with the outdoor scenes and oh-so cozy when ‘we’ went indoors.

  • KevinB

    Man, I was really hoping for Spring by the end of that video. At least track season is only a month away…

  • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

    Someone’s workshop is way cooler than my cruddy old cow barn. But totally captures the feel.

  • nick2ny

    Why wait? Get a heated jacket liner and a Warm & Safe bluetooth heat troller. It’s seriously the hottest setup going. As warm on the bike as you would be in front of a fireplace (at least what parts of you are under the jacket).

    • BigRooster69

      How does that help with ice?

      • DaveDawsonAlaska

        Studded tires.

    • di0genes

      you have no idea…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/scott.otte Scott Otte

    Nice video, and reminds me why I live in California.

    • http://www.facebook.com/blake.harrison.925 Blake Harrison

      Reminds me why I live in GA. Haha.

  • Eric Shay

    Sure do wish I had a heated garage, still trying to figure out if I will be able to carry a rebuilt motor out of the basement come spring.

  • Kr Tong

    I really like this and while I ride more days than some, my garage setup isn’t nearly as amazing.