Watch Attack Performance’s CRT racer hit the dyno

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Cycle World has put together a great little feature on Attack Performance’s wild card CRT effort in MotoGP for the upcoming season. Most interesting is Richard Stanboli’s “odd-fire” engine which “works like a three-cylinder” but is based on the inline-four of the current ZX-10R. Here, that motor makes something in the region of 220bhp while focussing on putting that power down out of corners.

Read more on Cycle World.

  • Beewill

    Ahhhhhh, Crossplane Goodness

  • Stephen Mears

    Sounds pretty rude! Attack left this bike on display (sort of) in their pit area during the NJMP round of the AMA series last year. I can’t say that I did not pop a squat. The machine-work around the headstock is intense! Very cool bike.

  • Jordan

    I think this would of been more entertaining if Jorge Lorenzo kicked him off the bike while wearing his infamous Laguna Seca Space Man costume.

  • Damien Gaudet

    Yep, sounds good.

    Will be very interesting to see Blake Young on this bike. He looked like he was having a mental breakdown during most of last season, just couldn’t keep up with Hayes.

  • mugget man

    Awesome. I want one…

    Also it makes you realise how crazy MotoGP bikes are. You can’t expect a CRT bike to be near the top of the field, but even so this bike was pitching forward as soon as the throttle was just opened a bit – there’s some power in it! Would love to see a MotoGP bike on a dyno as well, but that will never happen.

  • yipY

    CRT bikes: “The choice of fine racers five seconds off the pace”.Doctors won’t use rusty scalpels and Stoner would not race a superbike in motoGP drag.