2014 BMW R1200R Custom

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01 topshot x bmw cafe racer

Thanks to our friends at Oliepeil.nl for sharing this news. Looks like BMW Motorcycles has dropped a new motorcycle — the R1200R Custom in a café racer style. This bike represents 90th anniversary of the boxer engine, possibly named the “Mystic” and has an air-cooled boxer engine. Look for more information in the future.

  • Michael Campbell
  • TP

    Liking this minimalism trend. This probably my favorite looking modern BMW

  • Mark Desrosiers

    I like the idea, but I’d like it even more with a bikini fairing. http://www.bikeexif.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/cafe-motorcycles-2.jpg

    • http://twitter.com/Ricardo_Gozinya Ricardo Gozinya

      Apparently that would be an option, though not frame/tank mounted fairings. It’s all just a concept thing by Wunderlich right now.


      • http://twitter.com/ShareTheLane Lane Splitter

        That’s definitely the Wunderlich Trophy fairing, which has been available for a while: http://www.wunderlichamerica.com/motorcycle/R1200R/8601314-437.html

        Those images have been around a while and there’s already a 90th anniversary R1200R. Not sure this is worth getting too excited about.

        • http://twitter.com/Ricardo_Gozinya Ricardo Gozinya

          It’s worth getting excited about more than the 90th anniversary R1200R is.

        • R_Melaun

          This is not a restyled R1200R – not that you said it is. The R1200R has BMW’s Telelever front suspension; this has conventional USD forks.

          • http://twitter.com/ShareTheLane Lane Splitter

            Sure – although the HFL is calling it “R1200R Custom.” And I kind of like the Telelever – I have an R1200R. Even though it doesn’t look at traditional or cafe-y, BMW has done a decent job of making it not too noticeable.

    • yipY

      Those are not bikini fairings.

  • DaveDawsonAlaska

    Hope they make it, looks like a nice return to classic /series type motorcycles.

  • http://twitter.com/Ricardo_Gozinya Ricardo Gozinya

    On another note, does anybody else find it weird that BMW puts the exhaust at the front of the cylinders, while the intake is at the rear? I’m sure there’s some engineering logic to that, but it just seems backwards to me.

    • David Cummings

      Have you ever noticed how every other bike does the same thing? Every Inline-4, v-twin, etc. etc. etc. I assume it has something to do with turbulence and the airbox, but I’ve never seen or read a good explanation. Seems like racebikes especially would prefer a ram-air…

      • Adin

        exhaust headers should be cooled as much as possible, hence they are in the front…

        • Scott Jameson

          Exhaust valves.

    • http://www.facebook.com/tom.zipprian Tommy Zipprian

      Good question. There has to be an engineer among us that can answer that. Although, I think the newest Yamaha YZ’s have the exhaust exiting the rear of the head.

      • http://twitter.com/mchale2020 Jordan

        I think old Cannondale dirtbikes had the exhaust port facing the rear of the bike, too.

    • Eric Marc-Aurele

      I imagine half of it is legacy; before air filters and air boxes it would have helped prevent ingesting a stone.

      For packaging the volume of the airbox is fairly large, putting that in front would interfere with the front wheel. For an inline four canting the cylinders rearwards might work but would then leave the width of the engine under the rider’s seat making it harder to set down at a stop light. Additionally the exhaust would want to still keep its proper length for tuning which would lead to a mess of exhaust curled under the tail.

      The penalties for changing the direction of the slowed air in the airbox are small, so there likely isn’t much of a difference in net ram effect compared to current airboxes.

      That said all this is off the cuff without the calculations to back it up, I have a feeling that if there were something there Buell would have done it for sure. =)

    • http://twitter.com/KeyserBroze JB

      The new r1200gs has the intake moved to the top and the exhaust at the bottom

    • http://www.facebook.com/ian.jenkinson.7 Ian Jenkinson

      It’s down to the fact its air/oil cooled. The hottest part of the engine is at the exhaust so you put it at the front to maximise airflow and therefore cooling. The new water cooled engine in the new GS doesn’t need to generate the maximum cooling from air flow so the exhaust can be moved to the bottom and the intake to the top to make more room for your feet.

  • R_Melaun

    I am guessing that this is what the Lo-Rider has become. Very nice.

    • http://www.facebook.com/tom.zipprian Tommy Zipprian

      Yeah, and I can’t say I am thrilled about it. That concept was gorgeous.

      • R_Melaun

        Some of them were, given that there were multiple iterations. I am hoping that the “choose your style” option accompanies this new bike.

  • Justin Henry

    very nice. i’d buy one if it’s the right price, which it probably won’t be.

  • Jimmie Davis

    I like that ;)

  • BigRooster69

    It’s a German Griso! I like it. First BMW I’ve ever wanted.

  • Mirrory

    It seems like a good idea until you look at the clearance issues:


    • http://twitter.com/Ricardo_Gozinya Ricardo Gozinya

      The clearance thing is more of a psychological issue rather than a physical one. I do recall seeing people getting really crazy with these boxers. Also there was a time when people were road racing BMW Boxers, up against inline fours, competitively. They’ve even been raced at Isle of Man, and won.

      • Mirrory

        Well, also consider that you may put on engine guards of some kind, which are a common accessory amongst BMW riders, and you have even less clearance

    • http://www.facebook.com/ross.elliott.963 Ross Elliott

      That isn’t a ground clearance issue for a road bike. This isn’t the cruiser you’re looking for.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.c.perry Jesse Perry

      Dragging (cylinder) head!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Godwin/500298989 John Godwin

      body position goes a long way with a boxer. As everyone here knows, getting more weight into the inside of the turn will result in less actual lean of the bike. I ride a R1100S BCP, haven’t dragged a head yet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SashaPave Sasha Pave

    Gorgeous! I’d love to see a model with the k1300r Duo-lever front suspension.