21 Helmets 2: the full-face

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Strangely enough, it was the death of “Lawrence of Arabia” in 1935 that inspired a doctor from England to study the high death rate from motorcycling during that time. Not-so-strangely, they found out that wearing protective headgear dramatically improved chances of surviving a motorcycle accident. Fast forward 33 years to 1968, American auto racer Dan Gurney entered the German grand prix wearing a full face helmet. Not just any full face helmet, but the very first full face helmet used in Motorsports. Just like the previous safety studies the introduction of more protection had its noticeable health benefits not excluding a few comfort perks.

Customizing machines and equipment was, For lack of a better term, “Par for the course.” In the pursuit of faster machines and faster racers, features were added to every aspect of racing to aid in comfort and safety. One common thread was the personalities of those racers displayed in original artwork matching man and machine.

We want to inspire people to wear helmets. If that means drawing on it, painting it, glueing all the lint in your pocket on it. we dont care. We just want you to be safe and look good.

Its your helmet, make it something.

21 Helmets is organized by Portland’s See See Motorcycles.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.howard.9889 Michael Howard

    If that pic was larger and in a landscape aspect ratio it would make pretty cool desktop wallpaper. Hmm…

    • EchoZero

      Something like this? http://i.imgur.com/VQpn2Wz.jpg

      Edit: Yeah, that top row of helmets is cropped. The top four helmets in the original image are cropped, so I had to make things line up.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Sweeney/501437288 Scott Sweeney

        Dude, awesome!

  • EchoZero

    Ha. I like the Hurt Report Impact Statistics helmet. I’d wear that.

  • http://twitter.com/tuscanfoodie Tuscan Foodie

    Although allegedely, if you paint on them and glue on them, you may reduce their strenght…

    • the antagonist

      I believe it depends on the type of paint. (Can anyone clarify?) Regardless, it doesn’t look like functionality was the first concern with the helmets above.

      • Scott Ritzma

        Type of paint and type of shell. From brief research it seems that fiber-based shells are okay to paint. For paints I want to say it should be water-based enamel.

  • sunandst4rs

    While we’re on the subject of helmets. What’s the consensus on 3/4 versus full face? As a newer rider there’s a lot of differing opinions. Especially amongst the retro bike crowd, where a full helmet doesn’t fit with the look of their triumph/guzzi/etc. If I’m not going 100mph on a sportbike and just tooling around town can I settle for the lack of chin protection? It seems the hurt report indicates that part of the face to sustain the most injuries. What’s the real deal?

    • Bruce Steever

      Your call… Me, i’d rather a nice chunky bit of fiberglass and EPS between my face and this:

    • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.c.perry Jesse Perry

      Tell me at exactly what speed you feel comfortable grinding your chin, cheek or nose along the asphalt.

      I don’t mean to come off as confrontational, but I also want people to make informed choices about their safety. I’m not good looking, but I kind of like my face where it is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.c.perry Jesse Perry

      whoops, that was a double post.

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler
    • the antagonist

      There are opinions, and there are facts. 45% of collisions result in impacts to the face and chin area. How much do you like your face?

      Just an anecdotal case, but a local rider in a 3/4 helmet had his face smashed in a few years ago from a relatively low speed, surface street accident that he should have easily walked away from. But now, multiple plastic surgeries later, he still ain’t right.

      I’m sticking with my full face. (And it looks just fine on my Ducati Sport Classic, thank you very much.)

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      This makes it pretty clear.

    • socalutilityrider

      That picture is chilling. You could always go modular. Not as good as a full face, but close if you get a Shoei. I wear mine flipped down pretty much all the time except for getting gas, atm, parking lots, tolls, etc .

    • Guest

      Full face looks just fine to me, wear the most modern and well rated gear you can afford. Your life isn’t worth looking vintage.