A Speed Triple and a Bonneville with fancy paint

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Triumph is bringing two new special editions of its most popular bikes into the US for 2013. The Speed Triple SE gains a blue frame, matte-gray paint and a host of carbon gewgas. The Bonnie’s frame is painted red and there’s a new matte black/red paint scheme to match.

In addition to that paint, Triumph says the Bonneville SE also has these changes: “The front end gets new front indicators and headlight (as per the Thruxton), while the rear end sees the addition of a black pillion grab rail and ‘bash’ plate. Contemporary black mirrors complete the new look.”

There’s also a, “unique seat design comprising new stitching and vinyl covering.”

On the Speed Triple SE, in addition to the paint, there’s carbon “front mudguard, side pods, tank cover panel and inner radiator panels.”

The parts catalog is also heavily raided, “The color-matched fly screen, belly pan and seat cowl all come as standard, as well as neat finishing details such as a rubber tank pad and clear rear light. A new styled clutch, alternator and sprocket cover further enhances its distinctive makeover.”

There’s also a healthy use of newly-black parts, including, “new styled mirrors and black silencer heat shields, handlebars and clamps.”

Both bikes should be in dealers in May. At $13,399, the Speed carries a $600 premium over the standard model while the Bonneville SE is the same price as the stock model, when that bike is equipped with two-tone paint — $7,999.

  • Robotribe

    Something’s “off” with that paint scheme on the Bonnie. It looks off-character to me; like The Fonz dressed in drag.

    • di0genes

      It is a valuable exercise in historical perspectives, recreating the swinging 60′s for all you youngsters who did not experience them, when the first thing you did with a new Triumph was get out the rattle cans and do a custom paint job in the garage (tank removal was optional) and screw 6 inch “fork extenders” into the top of the tubes for that easy rider look.

      • Robotribe

        I missed the sixties by a year, but I still don’t buy this as a throwback statement. This looks like a bike of the 1960s wearing clothes from 1982 (like and old Honda Hurricane).

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.berndt.73 Jonathan Berndt

    yay! collect em all! trade with your friends!!

  • 200 Fathoms

    Ugh. That Bonnie is not working.

    • http://twitter.com/Mr_Paynter Mr Paynter


  • Alpha_Geek_Mk2

    I much prefer the classic blue and white. This is the Bonnie I’d like to own:

  • FreeFrog

    Speed Triple scheme is bitchin’ (yep, I said bitchen’). ;)

    • roma258

      I’d like to see it in person. The current general street/speed triple design direction has really grown on me.

  • gaudette

    Pretty good deal consider the price of accessories thrown in. Still not a fan of the grey though.

  • Neon Mullet

    How do you say “Bold New Graphics” in Britishese?

    • Mykola

      “Bolde New Graphics”

  • http://www.facebook.com/jack.meoph.5055 Jack Meoph

    BNG is fine, but performance would be better. I like to see the new Thruxton get the R treatment. Add some performance, suspension, and brake bits and make it interesting.

    • barney

      Sorry, you’re asking for something that is way way way beyond the limited abilities of the wholly absent Bonneville “design” guy(s).

  • V Twin

    Prefer the speed triple in black. But who gives a s**t what colour it is (except pink) once you’ve thrown your leg over it. I don’t own one, but have ridden the Speed Triple R for the day. Not as sharp as the Tuono RSV4, but never the less, a very nice piece of kit!

  • barney

    A paint job ‘Limited Edition’ Bonneville??!!! Egad what will Mr. Bloor think of next!!!
    Never saw that coming….genuis!!!!

  • barney

    Oh yeah, I’ve been to Hinckley, opened the office door to the Bonneville/Thruxton “design division”…it was the broom closet!!!
    They’ve known about the leaking cam covers for 10 years and haven’t bothered to fix it….they don’t care about the Bonneville line. Prats!!