Clothes for choppers

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Created by Los Angeles’ legendary Sunrise Cycles, Chopper Fever’s new range of t-shirts, denim, jackets and accessories aims to “handle the abuse of oil and sweat while looking sharp.”

I bought this “Scab” t-shirt at a Sunrise BBQ back in October. Appropriate, because I could barely stand up at the time. The softest shirt I own, it’s quickly become a favorite.

Jeans are made from tough selvedge denim and feature a leather patch on the right leg to protect against either a high or low exhaust. These are the highs.

Work shirts are cut in a slim, flattering style and made from thick, tough cotton.

It’s neat stuff at reasonable prices, you can check out the full range on the Chopper Fever site.

  • Nemo Danneskjold

    just kinda hard to picture any of those the guys modeling the clothes paying $120 for a button up. Nice clothes, though…but my Levi’s will have to suffice.

  • Davidabl Blankenhorn

    Since manufacturers such as H.-D. and Triumph make so much off clothing and accessories does it come as a surprise that just about every builder out there has a clothing line or at least T-shirts?

    • Jesse Perry

      T shirts are cheap advertising. Buyers get to display they are in the know on an awesomely obscure shop while supporting it, and the shop gets some advertisement (provided the shirts are well designed). Win, win.

  • Rob Moore

    How well do these clothes stand up to sliding on asphalt?

  • Dan R

    $45 for a t-shirt? Really!?

  • Jon

    Hipsters. This is all done by and for hipsters. Yeah, because “real” “bikers” run around in $100 shirts. Hilarious.