Could Road Rash return?

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Last week I was riding down the highway next to Wes, when I found myself thinking about giving him a good kick. Blame hours spent playing Road Rash games on Genesis as a kid, and the fact that I didn’t have a chain or club handy. Now, there’s talk of bringing the game back to life.

Earlier this week, someone on reddit asked why there hasn’t been a new Road Rash in a while—apparently the last work on the series was back in 2006, when a version for xBox was shelved after some basic development. The guy has got a point. Kicking friends into oncoming cars in the 2-player splitscreen mode was hilarious and addictive.

Dan Geisler — programmer and co-designer of Road Rash 1, 2, and 3 — joined the thread and had this to say:

“It hasn’t resurfaced because I was burned out after Road Rash 3. But I’m ready to do another one now. I just needed 20 years off. I’m ready to make a better one now. I miss playing it too. If there is enough interest, Ill do a kickstart on it.”

If he does, it looks like we’ll be kicking our friends, punching Viper and Natasha, and bashing the odd digitized cop—with a perfectly-timed swing of the crowbar—again soon.

Dan, if you want help promoting the project on Kickstarter, just let us know.

  • Tommy Zipprian


    • hangaround

      SAME HERE!

  • Bruce Steever

    Holy crap, that’s the game that first turned my attention to sportbikes. Even as a grom, i knew it was a silly premise, but i’ll never forget staring at the realistic (albeit unlicensed) bikes in the game’s garage and feeling the first stirrings of want.

  • nick2ny

    Dan liked kickstarting things decades ago too. Check out the sweet, smokey intro to the PC version

  • nightscout13

    I remember this….didn’t we have a PC version?

  • Eric Shay

    The other day I was reminiscing about the arcade games where you sit and ride the motorcycle, those were awesome.

  • Emmet

    I remember begging my dad to rent it from the liquor store every week because, you know, the local liquor stores would rent out Genesis cartridges and VHS tapes.

  • Scott Pargett


  • Nathan Wiley

    Soundgarden….Rusty Cage. Burned in my brain.

  • Scottie Ray Smith

    Brings back a flood of memories. Sadly, Road Rash Reinactments AND Lane Splitting are both illegal in Arkansas….but you can ride a 25-grand Harley practically butt-naked and helmetless. Go figure.

    • Bruce Steever


      • Scottie Ray Smith

        Meh, Grey Beards don’t bother me. They provide much needed income to the touristy spots. They LOVE to shop. Besides, the trade-off is that we have fairly low LEO activity on our rural roads which are really awesome.

        • socalutilityrider

          “Grey Beards”. Ha! I also like “Chromosexual”

  • Meg Doherty

    This is one of the very few video games I was ever addicted to. So much so that I might consider going out and buying which ever console is needed.

  • mugget man

    Awesome. I would kickstart the heck out of that!

  • juliansr
  • roma258

    I’d definitely throw a few sheckels their way.

  • The_Doctor

    Goddamn, that would be awesome. If it was an app game, I would buy it.

  • Marty Owings

    Yes please!

  • Bruno Pessuto

    Just make the grafics better and trow at the “Play Store”….. I was addicted to this game!!!

  • Wind-blown

    Great potential for crazy online multiplayer action. They’d get my money.