Cute little Honda NSR50

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This baby Honda NSR50 is possibly the cutest thing in motorcycling and I’m not ashamed to admit that, people go crazy over kittens, so why not a mini GP bike…


The diddy two-stroke was part of an auction lot put up by micro automotive collector Bruce Weiner of the Microcar Museum in Madison, Georgia and sold for $8,050 last month.

Logo and brakes.

Powered by a toy 49cc water-cooled two-stroke the NSR50 is capable of a staggering 7.2bhp and was a special replica built by HRC in 2004.

The exhaust.

Like a little brother to the iconic NSR250, these little 50s are popular in Japan and this one only has 52 miles on the clock. Unfortunately it is not street legal, so you can’t capture the adoring eye of the ladies. ‘Cause we all know that chicks love cuddly lil’ things…

  • josh

    is 2004/in 2004

    Come on guys. I dont want to be a pedantic, but at least proof read the puff pieces.

  • Dan

    Cute nothing – these things are fast and handle like true race machines. Racing NSR50s around a kart track for miniGP is some of the most fun you can have on a bike. Well, at least until some fast 9 year old comes screaming past you like you’re standing still, haha.

    • Sergei Petrov

      This. there are tons of clubs with spec series for these. I have one of these and run with nsr50s have possibly the best brakes mere mortals can afford, you drag knee whether you want to or not, and the racing is quite competitive since most riders tend to keep them stock.

      • Dan

        I ride with NJminiGP too! You coming to the April 6 practice?

  • Victor Avilla

    I miss the ysr50 days I thought I was a badass.

    • The_Doctor

      My dad had a YSR, and that was the first street bike I ever rode.

      He ended up crashing it whilst practicing stoppies. He fixed up the damage and sold it. I so miss that thing.

      • Victor Avilla

        Once in awhile I’ll look on Team Calamari Racing’s stie(home of the Ysr) and reminisce, maybe in a year or two I’ll buy one.

  • Sasha Pave

    I remember riding YSR50s, MB5s and AR80s around in the pits back in the 80s. It was the uber status-symbol to have one in team colors. So much fun!