Destination: Seattle

Dailies -



I’m leaving for Seattle in a few minutes on Honda’s new Goldwing F6B. The plan is to head up the coast (a ride I have STILL never done), stop and see some friends and family along the way, and get some camping in. I’ll stay in Seattle for a few days with my brother who lives there, exploring the city and some of his favorite camping spots, and then I’ll head back down the other side of the state, camping along the way in southeast Oregon and Yosemite before heading home to Long Beach next Friday or Saturday.

We’ve attached my Instagram feed so I can post updates and photos from the road so check back in over the next two weeks as I’ll try to post regularly.

  • Sasha Pave

    Good luck Sean!

  • DucMan

    Epic! Looking forward to following this.

  • Dustin Edwards

    Any chance you could post a map of your route or something?

    • sean macdonald

      I’m kinda making it up as I go along. Ill post pics of each day’s leg, but the maps app on my phone usually doesn’t route the way I’ll end up going (coast over highways). The only full map I have has all the actual addresses on it and I don’t really want to post my grandma or brothers street address on the Internet.

  • Brian Caudle

    Can i suggest an amazing section of road – would be a short detour towards Portland from the coast but its worth it.

    • sean macdonald

      I check it out when I can get wifi on my laptop and see if I can work it in. Thanks for the suggestion

  • Raphael Sassi

    Motorcycle camping, the best thing in the world, like, ever. Best of luck.

  • sean macdonald

    I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised with the wee wing compared to its big brother in terms of getting the amenities accessible but out of the way. The shorter screen really gets the bike out of your view.

  • Andy Tuttle

    Hi Sean, it was nice chatting with you at the Star Bucks in Ukiah today. Check out MotoPort gear in San Marcos, CA when you can. 101 North of Ukiah is a great ride, but north of Garberville the weather is going change a lot. And Arcata is always windy and freezing cold. Good luck! I do a lot of motorcycle camping myself when touring and its still my favorite way to travel the country. -Andy

  • Andy Tuttle

    Hi Sean, here’s a pic of my Street Bob all loaded up for solo travel. This is an older pic, but you get the idea. I can be gone camping for as long as I want this way, just need to stop for doing laundry once in a while. I’ll keep following your trip! Regards, -Andy