For Sale: Ducati Supermono – Just $150,000

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Advertised on, the Ducati Supermono is ultra-rare and exclusive, thanks to its limited 67 model production run in the early 90s but also for the involvement of a trifecta of two wheeled genius that created a truly special race bike.

The utterly elegant and flowing curves came from the pen of Pierre Terblanche which packaged the combined engineering and technical know-how of Massimo Bordi and Claudio Domenicali.

For the time, the Supermono was an absolutely exotic, high-tech unadulterated racer with magnesium bits and bobs and top grade Öhlins. The 550cc single produced around 65bhp at 10,000rpm and had a dry weight of 118kg.

Built for racing in the Sound of Singles series, the engine in the Supermono is a water-cooled four-valve, Desmo DOHC, fuel-injected single-cylinder, with the 550cc motor based off the cylinder head of the 888. In order to balance the engine Massimo Bordi ingeniously left a dummy con-rod in place that was attached to a weighted and pivoting bar, meaning that the Supermono had perfect balance as the extra con-rod moved up and down to overcome vibration issues, allowing the single to behave more like a twin at higher revs.

As quickly as it burst on to the racing scene, the Supermono ended as Ducati moved back to their penchant for v-twins again with the 916 in 1994. However for some, me included, the sexy single will forever remain as Ducati’s true design masterpiece.

The bike is in Denmark and comes with all the relevant spares included. The seller would consider a trade-in. Remind me, what organs don’t I need again?

  • Chris Davis

    Does not look like a 20 year old bike

  • Mark Vizcarra


  • Sasha Pave

    One of my all-time favorite bikes, such simple understated beauty. But hot damn that’s a lotta smackers for a duc!

  • MVista

    Most overvalued bike ever.

  • grahluk

    Undoubtably one of the tastiest modern collector bikes. If you’re not a collector and are just drooling over a high spec, super light, track bike I’d rather build something like this for less than 1/6th that price. Something like a Tigcraft framed SXV550 powered scalpel as built by Dave Pearce. Similar power, even lighter (18kilo lighter), higher spec components, and a real Vtwin.

  • mugget man

    I have always wondered why all the fuss over this bike… nice explanation.

  • TM

    150,000 reasons to leave that scooter in Denmark.
    Looks like a hot-rodded 900SS with one cylinder lopped off.

  • worship_mud

    it’s a collectoRs’ item, that’s the whole reason for the price… but i’m sure it would sell as a sensibly priced mid level (spec wise) bike. i always liked sporty singles, the gilera saturno was much lusted-after…

    • Bear Bradley

      There’s a fellow / company in Britain making brand new Super Monos, with many improvements, for about $100,000 less, if price is a concern…..

  • 200 Fathoms


  • Jordan

    The shape of the tank and double sided swing arm reminds me of the 749/999, which I have a soft spot for. Somebody needs to do a living report with one of those bikes as it’s a modern classic that can be had for quarters on the MSRP’s dollar.

    150k seems fair for a bike with such significance to the history of sport bikes, especially considering how well its aged since its conception. It definitely beats blowing the cash on most of what you would find at the Barret-Jackson (appropriate that it’s initials are BJ*wink-wink*) However, for that kind of money, I could have a Graves FX R7-1 and enough left over to pay the deductible for the ensuing broken bones I would have shortly thereafter.