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Our buddy Ana uses “Crackers,” her DR-Z 400 every single day in LA. Working as a model and actress, she rides to castings, shoots, coffee with friends and fancy parties, and needs to look good when she does so. That career is contingent on her health, too, so she’s gotta be safe. Here’s the riding gear that works for her. — Ed.

Photos: Scott G Toepfer

My normal day involves a ton of meetings and castings all over Los Angeles. Riding my bike means I don’t have to worry about parking because I can squeeze my bike into pretty much any space. I don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic because I can split lanes. Plus, I just love riding. It makes me feel good.

But, it’s hard to find women’s gear that fits well. Usually, the legs and sleeves are too short for my legs and arms. I’m 5’ 9” and it shouldn’t be such a problem finding gear that fits right.

I haven’t tried all the gear that’s out there but, from what I’ve seen, I can say Dainese gets it right when it comes to design, style and making a woman feel feminine. The fact that you can adjust the jacket in so many ways to really fit your body well is such a big plus. And it’s not just looks, Dainese offers great protection and is very comfortable.

Because of that style and fit, I feel I can wear this gear anywhere. If I go to a casting, I wear Dainese. If I ride up to Griffith Park, I wear Dainese. I wear it if I go for a coffee.

I find textile gear more comfortable than leather. On colder days, its far warmer and, if it’s hot, I can just take out the liner and still be comfortable. I find myself wearing this every time I get on a bike now. The only time I’ve had my leathers on since is to go to the track.

I didn’t go all-black because I am a woman and I like to have a little color in there. It breaks it up a little and looks more feminine. I think Dainese did a great job with its design and colors, I love all the little details. I also choose colors because I feel it helps you be seen on the road.

I can really wear it anywhere and still feel confident and feminine. And hey, riding bikes is cool, especially for a girl. I’m sure no one minds that I’m all geared up.

Schuberth C3W ($630)
Since I am from Europe, I came across Schuberth early on. Us Europeans trust products made there. It also helps that my brother wears Schuberth, he’s the one that introduced me to it.

I find the C3W extremely quiet, I love the shape, it is comfortable and the liner is very soft. It fits very well on my head. I love the fact it’s a flip-up, I don’t have to take my helmet off when I stop for gas or to have a quick sip of water.

The lining is in light colors, so sometimes when I wear a little makeup, it wipes off on the helmet. I wear a balaclava to protect the helmet from getting dirty. And because I look like a ninja.

I wear it all the time because it’s so comfortable. It’s also very small on the outside, so I don’t look like a Martian. On hot days, you can use the vent system and you can really feel the air coming in.

It has great protection too, something I unfortunately got to experience years ago, as a passenger.

Dainese Women’s Temporale D-Dry Jacket ($400)
This is one of the best jackets I’ve ever tried or owned. It fits like a glove, it looks feminine and it has adjustment straps to make it even more snug and fitted.

Wearing it, I really feel like a woman. It looks good on. It has a few pockets that are useful. I still wear the liner even though it’s getting warmer in LA, it’s the most comfortable jacket I’ve ever worn.

It has protection on the elbows and shoulders and a pocket for a back protector. And there are ventilation zippers you can unzip.

I find all this jacket very functional. I wear it everywhere I go because it doesn’t look weird or bulky like other motorcycle jackets. It’s an absolutely beautiful invention, I feel very safe wearing it.

Dainese Women’s D-system D-Dry Pants ($330)
I absolutely love the fit and feel of these Dainese pants. I don’t have to be adjusting anything to get on or off the bike, they fit amazing and they are not saggy like every other pair of motorcycle pants I’ve tried on.

The protection is great, there’s little zip-open pockets for ventilation and they come with a removable liner that is very warm and very easy to take out.

They are so soft and comfortable, when you are in a sitting position on the bike, that doesn’t change. My favorite pants, very functional.

Dainese Women’s Avant Race Boot ($300)
Dainese boots are wonderfully made and offer great protection, but unfortunately the shape doesn’t fit my foot very well, even though the size is correct. My heel slips upwards and I feel like the boot might come off when I’m walking. There is a Velcro area around the rear zipper to tailor them to your calf, which helps, and they’re very comfortable, but I suggest you try them on before buying.

Dainese Pro Carbon Gloves ($160)
These have a nice style to them and fit very well. You need to break them in a little so they conform to your hands, but after that, they are very comfortable. I love the colors, they complete the whole outfit.

Icon D3O Back Protector Insert — CE1 ($25)
I forgot Wes had put this in there! It’s so comfortable and slim you can’t feel it.

  • Dustin Edwards

    She looks like a young Jane Goodall.

    • yipY

      Like Jane Goodall,she probably looks better than the company on the day.At a guess.

  • Ana Colja

    hehe i LOVE it!!! last photo is THE BEST!!!!

    • Robotribe

      Seriously. She’s catching some respectable air there.

    • worship_mud

      ana je slovenka???? LOL! šele zdaj sem nalepko na čeladi videl! :D

      • Ana Colja

        haha ja pa sem res!! ves da moram nosit naso slovensko zastavo na celadi :)

  • Andy

    |I forgot Wes had put this in there! It’s so comfortable and slim you can’t feel it.

    Come on, that’s not even fair.

  • Blixa

    Very helpful. I am the same height and build and thus have very similar fit concerns. I did recently see the light and got a pair of Dainese (Sherman) pants – very flattering, now I no longer look like the Michelin man ;) I’ll look into your jacket suggestion. So glad to see textile gear that looks good on women actually exists. I have to ask, how do you keep your hair from looking a hot mess at a casting after a ride? Do you braid it or put it up another way? Edit – nvm I see you wear a balaclava. Good idea. Thx for the suggestions!

  • Andrew Kinsler

    “I forgot Wes had put this in there! It’s so comfortable and slim you can’t feel it.” aw man. But seriously, great info here. Going to buy those gloves for my girl.

  • ChrisB

    Article about gear for an every day woman..

    … woman is a model. Lol.

    • Damo Von Maciel

      Haha, noticed that as well.

    • Kayla

      I’m very “everyday”, I just happen to be 5’9″ as well. Maybe not quite as thin, but still thin enough that nothing fits correctly. If I try on a medium jacket from almost any company, the torso is too baggy and the arms are way too short. Don’t have to be a model to be lanky.

      • socalutilityrider

        Well, I’m a dude. But at 6′ 4″ 185 lbs, I have the EXACT same fitment problem with motorcycle gear. Always too baggy and short arms. Drives me crazy. Just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you’re huge too!

        • Strafer

          i’m 6’4″ 185 as well – fitment is tough
          one of the only jackets i’ve found in a “L” for long is by Schott -
          Schott makes their classic 141 jacket in a L – haven’t tried it yet though. I’m also looking for custom options – maybe if i can find a custom Dainese for the street (I’m not doing track days yet so don’t need a real racing jacket for a crotch rocket)

          • socalutilityrider

            Bro, I have researched and invested thousands in this issue:

            European brands, for the most part, got our backs for off the rack-Rukka will be the best one for our size with Dainese coming in second.

            Stadler will go custom for you and stateside your best bet for bespoke gear is Aerostich.

            I ended up getting a Held Carese jacket and pants for a two piece dual sport solution and an Aerostich Roadcrafter for commuting. I got the Held in a long size, but it’s still just a tad short in the sleeves and pants.

            • Christian Youngblood

              Joe Rocket has an affordable line in Tall sizes. Mostly in black with no color selection unfortunately, but the sleeves and torso are longer and you can get a medium or large and it stays fairly slim. I am 6’8″ 205lbs and their stuff fits to my wrist and covers my bum without costing more than my $2k daily rider.

              • socalutilityrider

                You’re spot on about the price. I just decided to get gear that would last ten+ years or so. Plus my insurance deducible is $4,000, so there’s that! But dang bro, 6′ 8″!? My brother is that tall and we have issues finding him a bike! What do you ride?

                • CMad@NavBeach

                  I’m 6’8 245 with an athletic build. I’ve had some joe rocket gear in tall sizes and it worked fine but for about the same amount of money you can get scorpion tall gear which is way better looking and feels higher quality (IMHO). As far is bikes go I ride a vfr on the road. Great bike for really tall dudes/ladies. I also have an 07 r6 track bike. I look ridiculous on it in pics but after some work I’m getting it set up for a power forward like myself.

                • Wes Siler

                  I want to see pictures of you riding that R6.

                • CMad@NavBeach

                  Here’s the one where I look the smallest.

                • CMad@NavBeach

                  And the largest

                • socalutilityrider

                  I’ll have to check out the VFR. I originally gravitated towards dual sports just because of the leg room. Sat on my buddy’s Ducati the other day and I could barely shift it my leg was so far back.

          • nick2ny

            6’4″ dude signing in. Sadly I weigh the same as Tupac and Trick Daddy.

      • ADVgoddess

        Avoid brands like Olympia, and stick to Euro brands like Rev’It and Dainese…I used to have the same issues but both Rev’It jackets I own fit me well.

    • socalutilityrider

      I have a feeling they meant “everyday rider” as in she uses her bike as transportation vs a recreational toy.

  • Princess Yow

    Looks like someone got hooked up in exchange for some pictures and an article. Good deal. Ride safe out there, especially in la traffic. Btw, dainese gear ftw! I am a whore when it comes to dainese gear- best gear out there in my opinion.

  • Blu E Milew

    Good choice of gear, great choice of bike!

  • nightscout13

    Well hello there…..

    • Ana Colja

      Giggity giggity ;)


        You’re not the REAL Ana…..Are you???

        • Ana Colja

          oh yes i am.. :) and happen to love Family Guy LOL

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Well I feel a little special to have you reply to me :D I’d ask you out for coffee, but I live in NorCal :(

  • Eric Shay

    Do everyday women spend more money on gear than their bike?

    • Jesse Perry

      This everyday guy did. But I got my 98 F3 for a song.

    • Ana Colja

      Hey Eric,..i love riding supermotos.. i started on a dirt bike,.. and supermoto fits me best. It’s a fun bike, you should try it,.. if you ride..

      • Eric Shay

        It wasn’t a shot at the bike, but the fact that most aren’t privileged enough to wear top end Dianese. My first couple bikes were enduros, and I hope to have another some day.

  • Kevin

    I have those D-System pants (in the men’s version natch). They do fit amazingly well, have a lot of adjustment, and are all-day comfortable. They are also “one and done” if you ever hit asphalt. I lowsided in a 25 mph corner and did a brief slide, wore straight through the material. Slapped on a Goretex patch and called it a day, but I’m going leather from here on out. This stuff’s too expensive to throw away after a crash.

  • Nemo Danneskjold

    You west coast and your ‘everyday women’…i hate chicago, now. Oh, Ana…

  • Sasha Pave

    Nice to see more practical ladies reviews. Ana you look great in the gear, and more importantly you’ll likely walk away from a crash wearing it.

    • ADVgoddess

      Check out GearChic for ladies’ specific gear reviews… =)

      • Sasha Pave

        Great resource, thanks!

    • Ana Colja

      Thank you Sasha!! I did crash a week ago,.. and walked away.. just with a couple of bruises.. :)

  • Jasiek Wrobel

    As for shoes, try Dainese Torque Pro (now replaced with Torque RS). There is sort of a laced inner shoe, that keeps the foot in place. I had exactly the same problem in most of motorbike boots (slipping heel). I finally tried on those and bought them on the spot. Even though they were way over my budget ;~)

  • Guest

    Looks like I rode right by your photo shoot the other day… I remember seeing you guys on the ride up the PCH, then again when you were shooting in the canyons. I would have stopped and said hi if I knew it was the HFL gang!!

  • 3VNA

    Nice to see someone representing ATGATT here. Props to Ana for taking
    the time to sort out her gear situation for everyday riding. It’s not easy or cheap, but well worth the investment. I’m a 5’4″ female with an average build. I went
    custom with my gear (, a different approach but on par with Aerostich. Albeit not nearly as stylish as Ana’s kit ;)

    • atgatthd

      How do you like your motoport gear? I have a pair of overpants I bought a couple years ago when I first started riding. I like them, went whole hog on the armor upgrades but can’t help but think there are many options with as good protection or better for MUCH less cost. And that need less storage space. (I was a touch nervous about my skills starting out). Definitely not as stylish as a lot of the gear I’ve seen on HFL. The Dainese stuff all has caught my attention. Maybe after I feel I got my moneys worth (will be a long time.)

  • Eric

    she still hot

  • Chris La Rose

    Best line ever: ” I wear a balaclava to protect the helmet from getting dirty. And because I look like a ninja.”

    • Ana Colja

      hehe ;)

      • Firefly44

        What brand balaclava is that? I’m looking for a good one to protect my helmet from my makeup, and the choices seem to be bleak and manly…

        • Ana Colja

          unfortunately i would not recommend the one i have, because of where it’s sewn together. The stitching runs vertically down the middle of my forehead. It’s uncomfortable, irritating, requiring multiple adjustments during the ride and ultimately leading to headaches. So, i am looking for one myself.. and am suggesting to search for one that has no seams. At least not running down the middle of your forehead. Good luck.

          • Firefly44

            Good to know – thanks! I have been looking on forums for recommendations. I’ll try and find a seamless one, or at least one where the seams are not down the middle and see how it goes.

            BTW – after reading the article, I went out and go the Dainese Temporale jacket and the D-Dry pants at the D store in San Fran. My husband and I then did a 1500+ mile bike trip from Reno to Portland, and then down the coast. Gear was perfect – so thankful I made the investment. Thanks again for sharing.

  • Alice Barton

    What about the pink pants? Are those riding pants or are they just pink jeans?

    • Mark Desrosiers

      Alice! We need to go riding soon. Colleen is up for riding pillion to Muir Woods.

    • Ana Colja

      Hi Alice,.. they are just jeans i wore underneath the gear,.. ;)

  • Jonathan Davis

    Why does she have a modified Cagiva Elephant sticker on her helmet?

    • Ana Colja

      Hi Jonathan, it’s a Slovenian flag.. that’s where i was born..

  • Henry Tate

    If you have problems with off the shelf sizing, try Aerostitch, they will make their product to your specifications. I have a jacket with over 300,000 miles of use, very durable.

  • Cindy

    Hi Ana, I’m not sure if you’re still active here, but please let us know if you ever did manage to find a suitable baclava. Thank you :)