Jorge Lorenzo’s MotoGP Bike

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01 topshot x yzr m1

Photos: Yamaha Racing Facebook

Here’s the 2013 Yamaha Racing Factory motorcycle that Jorge Lorenzo will be riding in the 2013 MotoGP, dubbed the Yamaha YZR M-1. It’s a 1000cc, 240+ horsepower, 160kg race machine. For more pictures of the bike look at the gallery below.

  • Jordan

    It needs a ‘Your face here!’ sticker placed on the upper fairings. I’m sure Yamaha would appreciate a little bit more sponsorship to help stave off the costs of funding the team and developing their own seamless shift gearbox.

    The money is out there (in Southeast Asia mostly) they just need to broaden motoGP’s appeal to more countries than just Italy…

    • MeatyBeard

      I hear them Spainards like the MotoGP.

      • David Cummings

        I hear them Spainards (where the rain falls mainly on the plain) are BROKE. Semakin di depan indeed…

        • MeatyBeard

          I agree. I was joking about MotoGP appealing to Italy only. It’s most popular in Spain. That’s why they have a dozen or so races there a year. Not sure how we got three races in the US…

          • David Cummings

            Ahh true. Thought it said Europe. I think partly the weather. Southern spain is mostly desert, as with the US. But couldn’t be happier to see F1 and MotoGP here! COTA looks awesome…

  • KevinB

    I was kind of diggin the primer gray Jorge and Rossi were using during testing. It was different.This is boring.