Nick Apex vs Honda MSX125

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“Bangkok Clutching Adrenaline!” Reads the tag line for this new promotional video starring none other than amazing actor and celebrity Nick “Apex” Brocha. Did you know that Nick is so famous that he’s greeted by crowds of camera-wielding reporters whenever he lands in a new city? After lovingly stroking the smooth lines of the new Honda MSX125, our hero commences battle with a clown driving a TukTuk.

  • Jesse

    Looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon. That clown in the Tuk Tuk had that nose tweak coming.

  • George Roberts

    Ummm, wat?

  • Billy Bob

    I take it this means he lost his Triumph gig?

  • Tom Witoshynsky

    Is there a legal binding document somewhere that states that this dude’s nickname must appear in all text written about him? I never see an article that says Kobe “The Black Mamba” Bryant.

  • Dustin Coury

    Great skill, but it irritates me incredibly bad to see people ride in tennis shoes. It’s not cool and it teaches new riders bad practice.