Rear-ender cop placed on administrative leave

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The Las Vegas police officer that was captured rear ending a motorcyclist, blaming the rider for the accident, then departing the scene without filing any sort of report has been placed on paid administrative leave, according to an article on KTNV.

“I gave this guy a well-paid vacation,” says JohnPaul Rosario, the rider who was hit. “Pretty generous for uncalled for aggression by an officer.”

  • Strafer

    i don’t think i would have even stopped and waited for him to get out of the car,
    If there was no damage to my bike i probably would have kept driving

    • Bruce Steever

      Yeah, good call… then get chased down, have your bike kicked over, and get slammed to the ground by Mr. Robocop here for “failing to stop” and “evading arrest”.

      The cops get to do whatever they want. They only have to defend their actions when you have proof like the video above. Otherwise you’re fucked.

  • Case

    Along with many others, this is from my comment in the previous post:

    “He gets what he deserves, which is probably a minor reprimand, paid leave, and a worse attitude the next time he fucks up. ”

    Correction: I think he deserves worse, but of course he’s on paid leave.

    Just to be clear: he’s not on paid leave because he hit somebody and abused his power, he’s on leave because he hit somebody, abused his power and didn’t file paperwork about it. I <3 cops.

  • karlInSanDiego

    Funny how some officers are very professional and always seem to keep their cool, and some are hotheads on a powertrip. When I was 16 I got the bright idea to ride my 12 speed bicycle on the shoulder of I-95 from Wilmington to Newark. I checked the onramp carefully (both directions) and there were no signs prohibiting this (1987). Going down went fine and there was actually a wide shoulder and it felt much more safe than 202 that I’d turned off of. Exit lanes were probably the only dicey part.

    On my way home later that day, there was a broken down bus on the shoulder and an officer with this car and lights was behind it waiting for a tow/service vehicle to save the day. So here comes 16 year old Karl, and the cop stepped out and pulled me over. He began to swear like a sailor at me 20 feet from a busload of people tossing f-bombs and threatening to arrest me right there and throw my effing bike in his effing trunk. He was trying to scare me and it worked, but what happened next was he ordered me proceed and get off on the next exit which was also a limited access highway (the 7), actually much more dangerous than 95. Point is, he didn’t have to blow his stack. I was a 16 year old kid who didn’t know it was illegal or judge it as suicidal, and he decided the best way to handle the situation was demonstrate that the po-po can be real jagoffs when they’re stressed or power tripping. That’s my one and only bad interaction with LEOs. Every other time (maybe 6 – 10 times in 28 years) they were cool headed and courteous.

  • Raphael Sassi


  • Kevin

    I doubt administrative leave is quite the same thing as a paid vacation, but I agree a suspension and clear reprimand would have been in order. These guys should never have license to be d*ckheads to the people they are serving.

    • Randy Singer

      Cops aren’t put on paid administrative leave as a vacation. They are put on paid leave because their actions are being investigated. Usually that leads to some sort of action taken by the department against them, as deemed warranted by their findings. Even if the department finds that the officer did nothing wrong, this will be on his record, and it will work against him if he is investigated again in the future.

  • Clint Keener

    I wish I could get paid administrative “vacation”.

  • 200 Fathoms

    Are we all supposed to feel really good about this one?

    The video clearly showed that the rider was in poor form. “Riding defensively” (apparently meaning practically on the shoulder), then jamming his brakes on and coming to a complete stop about, what, 500 car-lengths behind traffic? Maybe the guy should spend more time on riding technique instead of GoPro technique.

    Yes, the cop acted like a d*ckwad. He was pissed off, as most of us probably would have been.

    All hail the power of the Interwebs.

    • mugget man

      You clearly do not understand the concept of roadcraft.

      The rider was in his lane – regardless of where in the lane, I thought this was perfectly legal. Wouldn’t you agree? Jamming his brakes on? Did you watch the vid? I call that stopping. Besides, even if the rider did “jam his brakes on” that doesn’t make it okay for a following vehicle to hit him! You know sometimes people DO really need to make an emergency stop, and that doesn’t suddenly mean it’s then wrong to hit the vehicle you’re following – it’s always wrong to hit the vehicle you’re following!

      Yeah if you’re the kind of person who abuses power to cover over your own mistakes, you’d be pissed if you made a mistake. Regular people however would have been apologetic, admitted they made a mistake and moved on.

  • Biff Glitterteeth

    Keep in mind the cop could have just finished dealing with a “problem customer” and was already hopped up on adrenaline when he bumped into this rider. Those of us who have never lost their cool, go ahead and throw the first stone.

    • taba

      Sure (I’d even agree with 200 Fathoms the rider was largly at fault), but Higher Standards, you know?

    • Kevin

      If it’s your job to keep your cool, you keep your damn cool and you don’t get a medal for it. Cops are supposed to be above getting pissed off at people for mistakes. It outrages me that they don’t hold each other to a higher standard.

  • Troy Rank

    RIght on!

  • Mavus721

    smh the cop hit a biker from behind and some people on here think its the bikers fault. wtf are you smoking. Its the cops fault, he hit someone from behind, intimidated them, and then left the scene of an accident. end of story. some people will defend cops till the end. Just like the cop (bisard) who hit 3 bikers from behind while drunk on call, some people on here wouldnt even admit hes wrong. hope this cop gets fired