Relive last year’s Daytona 200 with Jason DiSalvo

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Last Year’s Daytona 200 had to be one of the most thrilling in recent memory, with Triumph Daytona 675R rider Jason DiSalvo making up a 26-second gap in 25 laps to finish 2nd. Here, DiSalvo relives that race and plans to return on March 17th for this year’s.

  • JC Maldonado


    • Corey Cook

      You big ‘Merican sized guys can go play football or whatever it is you do, this is our sport.

  • Strafer

    couldn’t really see what happened at the end of the race…
    also don’t you have to be pretty small to race?

    • FreeFrog

      There have been a few taller/bigger riders in AMA and WSBK, but the majority are fairly small — especially in MotoGP, where people like Pedrosa are the size of a hamster.

      • nightscout13

        Spanish Hampster LMAO!

        • FreeFrog


  • Scott Pargett

    Awesome. That’s racing.