Rossi looking like his old self again

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01 topshot rossi back on top x

For Valentino Rossi it must almost feel as if the last two years at Ducati never happened as in the second day of testing at Jerez the Italian ended with the quickest time – marking the first occasion that he has finished at the top of the timesheets since returning to Yamaha.

With rain on the first and final days of testing Rossi goes into the first round of the MotoGP championship in high spirits, becoming reacquainted with the factory YZR-M1. At the end of yesterday’s session, the seven-time premier class champion was pleased, speaking to the official MotoGP website he said: “It’s not important, but it’s very important!” To end the day with the best lap time is great, not just because of the position but also because we modified some of the settings of the bike after the first test to adapt the M1 more to my style.

“It’s good because I am able to go faster, like Jorge, in all sectors of the lap. For tomorrow, we have a new chassis with some small differences, so both Jorge and I will try it. We hope to be able to improve our level a bit.”

Rossi also Tweeted the above picture for the approval of MotoGP’s it-boy Marc Marquez, showing his own elbow-scraping ability. All-in-all this signals a hope for an exciting season, roll on April 7th when the series kicks off at Qatar.

  • The_Doctor

    Hopefully he will be good at motorcycles this year.

  • motoguru.

    This makes me so happy. #cuzducatistiareannoying

  • Marc Fenigstein

    I can’t wait for all the goons at trackdays (me included) to try to start scraping elbows. #becausemarquez #becauserossi

  • Aaron Berg

    I thought he was washed up?? he can still ride?? isn’t Marquez the best thing ever to happen in gp racing?

    • nightscout13

      There are many factors in racing. Rossi is the king, and will be for a while. Though all the young blood in the paddocks are gonna make Rossi work for his money….

      • yipY

        Rossi is old and scared after breaking his leg.Mark Marquez is right on top lap times in track day testing and is incredibly fast and hungry.Rossi was the king,like Kenny was the king once.

        • nightscout13

          HMM…. didn’t Rossi get top spot on day 2 of Jerez testing? I think he has plenty of fight left in him.

  • Gabriel Torres

    He is amazeballs. Did not see this coming from him. Thought he was done. Rossi is like the Anti-Yankees, successful but somehow near impossible to hate. Going to be a great season. Anyone going to Austin?

    • nightscout13

      I’m going to Laguna Seca, Austin too far from me…. You?

  • andy kvamme

    oh @twitter-80111446:disqus you and your ducat hating ways :) but seriously… super pumped to see Rossi back on form. the last couple years hurt to watch.

    • motoguru.

      Ha! It’s all fun and games. Besides, you’re not really one of those people anyways.

  • yipY

    Even though he is now old and lost his immaculate spark he may now be able to win some races on a proven race bike.The poorly designed GP Ducati now should be relegated to the dustbin of history and the metal crusher.His memory of only the superior Casey Stoner being able to win a championship on both a Ducati and a Honda however is beyond the scope of his forgetting.Rossi only has to avoid the annoying clumps of CRT bikes five seconds of the pace to be able to win and race.

    • Damo Von Maciel

      How soon we forget. Casey Stoner did not win a championship on the bike Rossi rode. The trellis frame Ducati GP7 is not even close to the same bike Ducati is running now. If you recall Nicky Hayden was still regularly getting podiums on the GP7 as well.

      Once Ducati started “evolving” with the carbon fiber sub-frame, Casey Stone went on to have his worse season on record and crashed more in a single season than he ever had previously.

      Stoner was great, but he wasn’t perfect. No one is.

      • Tuscan Foodie

        Ditto. And you forget that the Ducati Stoner rode his last year was so bad that Stoner refused to participate in a few races, claiming he was sick…

        • yipY

          I guess CS was sick of risking his life passing other “racers” riding on daddy’s credit card or pootleing around seconds off the pace.His sickness increased when he realised in a future series he’d be dicing with the same slugs on poved-out CRT superbikes in motoGP drag.After racing genuine GP bikes tailored for elite’s easy to be sick contemplating a budget class.

      • nightscout13

        Were they running 800cc when Stoner won the championship? Or was that the year prior to the 800′s

    • MrMotoWise

      Yeah Stoner is so definitely superior, with all his world championships and records held, and such. The only thing overshadowing his raw stats is his sparkling personality! Gosh I sure do miss that spunky littly guy, this season is really gonna suck without him.

      • yipY

        I have to agree with you.CS even was measured and reserved in his response to Rossi’s kamikaze corkscrew move years ago,and the time he took him out when VR46′s aspirations surpassed his ability.

        • MrMotoWise

          Oh yes, well of course the stories of Stoner’s excellent responses to all sorts of things are legend in the paddock. He’s a stellar little tyke and that’s why everyone loves him, you especially.

        • Damo Von Maciel

          Also if you ever got a chance to attend a US MotoGP event you would notice every rider except ONE would come out and greet the fans, take pictures, sign autographs, etc.

          Stoner flat out refused to mix with the fans.

          His talent shall be missed, his attitude shall not.

          • yipY

            His job was to get fast laps and trophies.I guess he left the Ga Ga’s and the Ladies to do the Lady Ga-Ga stuff.

    • nightscout13

      If i remember correctly, Stoner won the championship on the 800cc Ducati. Maybe Ducati makes a better 800cc machine, over a 1000cc. I bet HFL staff hate the fac that Ducati is not doing well, since they LOVE anything Italian