The 2013 Thruxton Cup

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01 topshot thruxton cup

British Customs has uploaded a promo video for the 2013 Thruxton Cup. The Thruxton Cup began in 2005 when Triumph Motorcycles and American Historic Motorcycle Racing Association as a race limited to Triumph Thruxtons. Are you interested in racing your Thruxton? Learn more here.

  • Speedo007

    Engine sound would have been nice…

    • Brett Lewis

      …as always…

    • Corey Cook

      Let’s be honest, that inline twin is not a good sounding engine. We’re/ you’re not really missing anything here…

      • Jesse Perry

        I must be in the minority that thinks that a Trump inline twin sounds great when uncorked.

        • southsixth

          Nope. Far from a minority. Some people were just raised with the shriek of a inline four. A properly breathing brit-twin sounds like a goddamned WWII fighter plane making a low pass.

          • hangaround

            Parallel twins rock!

  • Damo Von Maciel

    Let me add: engine noise would have been nice, ESPECIALLY without the 1990′s faux Pennywise bro-pop punk.

    • Jesse Perry

      Props for the Pennywise reference.

    • stever

      Face to Face isn’t faux bro punk. It’s the authentic article!

      • Damo Von Maciel

        I just don’t care to much for any of the early 90′s positive message west coast bro punk. I guess being a miserable New Englander will do that to you.

        I should have worded it “bro faux punk”.

        • stever

          “what is punk, mannnnnnnn” b/w “you’re not punk, and I’m telling everyone.”

          • Damo Von Maciel

            I agree with you on that. What is punk (or heavy metal, for that matter) truly depends on who you ask.,,,and their all wrong.


  • Mykola

    This is immeasurably cooler than dressing like a rocker and meeting up with the boys for a pint (of Pabst if possible).

  • 655321

    The Thruxton Cup Transatlantic Challenge isn’t limited to Thruxtons. Triumph Bonneville, Harley XL 883 and XL 1200 Sportster models are also encouraged in the class. Strangely, the XR1200 isn’t.

  • Damien Gaudet

    Had my thrux on the track last year and it was a blast. I’m hoping I can get down to the NJ thux cup race in Aug. This looks like so much fun.