This is Indian’s new v-twin

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Indian Spirit of Munro, Daytona, FL, March 2013

This is the motor that will power the all-new Indian currently under development at new parent company Polaris. Dubbed the “Thunder Stroke,” Basem from compares it to the twin-cam 110 that powers Harley’s “performance” CVO range, saying it develops slightly more torque, at 115lb/ft.

That CVO comparison is apt. Harley’s high-dollar range of performance cruisers, it appears as if Polaris is targeting the Indian brand in that direction.

The Thunder Stroke displaces 111 cubic inches or, for you commie terrorist edumacated city folk, 1,811cc. The 49-degreee, two-valve per-cylinder, air/oil-cooled, push-rod configuration isn’t all throw back, a wet clutch sends power to a six-speed transmission.

  • Kidchampion

    We’ll see if the NYT Style section is as excited about this as they are about Falcon Motorcycles. Falcon is already at work on their fourth old-timey motorcycle!

  • Guest

    $teampunk $ell$, but you gotta move that product while it’s still hot.

    • Ricardo Gozinya

      It’s more Dieselpunk than Steampunk. Steampunk has more a Victorian vibe, whereas this thing is much more Dirty 30′s.

  • Mark Vizcarra

    Took you guys long enough to post this.

    • Racetrack Style

      also thought the news about Pierre Terblanche would have been published, but maybe a full length interview is in the works?

      The anticipated CVO price range doesn’t give confidence of high sales volumes, and subsequent contemporary models with an Indian badge.

      waiting/hoping Polaris/indian sees Triumph’s successful plan of old & new.

  • Stuki

    Not the world’s biggest V-twin fan here, but that is one beautiful motor!

  • Ricardo Gozinya

    It’s certainly purdy. Will be interesting to see what they stick that thing into. While I hope for something a bit more performance oriented (A Griso or R1200R competitor) More likely that won’t happen. Oh well.

  • DucMan

    I’m not a cruiser guy, but DA–AMN that is one good looking lump. I hope they sell like crazy.

  • Harlan Flagg

    Not that I think they should have stuck to their roots and built a flathead, but the only thing lamer than that is a fake flathead.

    • Kevin Newell

      Yeah there’s nothing quit as lame as a flat head like this Gas Gas trials motor.

  • Travis

    Looks like they fancied up a S&S X-Wedge, Guess they are still using S&S motors.

    • Kevin Newell

      Since when is Polaris using S&S motors?

      • Mykola

        The current Indian Chiefs, having been made previous to Polaris’ acquisition, use an S&S clone of Harley’s evo(?) motor with restyled ‘bottlecap’ rocker boxes. The new motor is definitely designed from the X-Wedge.

      • Flier

        Since never.

    • Ricardo Gozinya

      Nope. X-Wedge is a 56 degree V, this one’s a 49 degree.

    • Flier

      Guess is the key word. No comments based on fact, so why comment?

  • Yuri Grinshteyn

    Nice looking engine, but they’re still going to stick it into something that handles like a tractor.

  • Street Kore

    Visually It’s a good looking motor, and it seems to share a lot of it’s design and manufacturing with the current Victory power plants. The past few years Polaris seems to have seriously revamped their design and production scheme to make a quality product. I am curious as to why they think it’s a good idea to pit 2 brands simultaneously in the already over crowded cruiser market, though? I’m not so sure Indian’s iconic name sake is going to be enough to survive in the current market unless you have a seriously superior product with a lot of refinement and some out of this world styling. And if the plan is to keep re-popping the same lines of a 70 year old motorcycle and call it new. I believe you are going to seriously limit your audience/customer base. Especially considering the majority of Indian enthusiasts are going to be in your later age demographic, and can actually remember what an original Indian actually was. I’m eager to see what they turn out, and hope it’s beyond expectation, but I have concerns.

    • Davidabl Blankenhorn

      A truly weight conscious softail with traditional styling, plus halfway decent handling and performance would appeal to a segment that neither H.D. or Polaris reaches. Whether said segment is actually big enough to justify the effort is another question.

    • Ricardo Gozinya

      Indian enthusiasts, meaning people who were riding when Indian was still in business? Most of them are dead by now, Indian went out of business in 1953.

      • Flier

        Since when is an enthusiast someone who had to be riding before 53? Moron. I’m an Indian enthusiast (I own 2) and was born in 55. What are you – 12?

  • thunk

    Going after Harley-Davidson’s CVO division was exactly what the last owners of Indian wanted to do. That didn’t work out, but then the Kings Mountain Indian did start up at probably the single worst moment for consumer product sales in several decades. Polaris seems to want this to be their luxury brand. I suspect it will turn out more like Maybach than Cadillac, though.

  • fliegerad

    What dat is?

  • yipY

    It may be the clean burning big inch cruiser market reality,but this motor will always be compared to a big twin Harley motor.Personally I wish they would design a lightweight,solo highperf “custom”bike that harkens back to Indians reign as America’s pre-forties premier road sport bike the 600-750cc Scout.Something of the flavor of a narrow angle SV650 with a girder fork and Vincent like swingarm.If a big bike with flairs is such a great idea,why can’t you move for thousands of Kawasaki’s “Indian” on the streets and cafes?

  • ted

    My girl gave me a Thunder Stroke in the car

  • Flier

    Haters are idiots who typically have no idea what they’re talking about. Do some homework before spouting crap. The bikes handle beautifully, the motor’s torquey and smooth and so what if it actually takes engineering from the X-wedge? The bike’s design cues were an homage to the pre-53 Chiefs. Get over yourselves – it’s a nice package.