Track Notes: Ducati 1199 R Panigale vs COTA

Dailies -



This is going to be interesting tomorrow. 196mph brake marker? No big deal. Adding insult to injury, I’ll be on track with Jamie…

  • Case

    Video plz.

    • Wes Siler

      Nik and Jamie are here, there’ll be epic video.

      • Damo Von Maciel

        Really looking forward to that. I highly doubt I will ever get the chance to put rubber down at COTA, baring lottery winnings of course.

  • Travis Ruff

    I think I read that those were F1 brake markers.

  • Caleb Smith

    Is Jamie as quick as Adey?

    • Adeyemi Bennett

      Jamie is ex-gp/isle of mann TT racer.

      • Random

        So… maybe?

      • Damo Von Maciel

        Adey you are an sterling example of personal honesty. I respect that.

        Also, Jamie is a straight up demon on two wheels.

    • Wes Siler


      • Caleb Smith

        Well that’s what I would have thought. But with all the props I’ve heard you give Adey…
        Also, props to Adey for his honesty.
        Love your work guys. Hopefully I’ll get to visit the US and check out all these roads myself some day. Heck if I lived there I would’ve jumped straight on that intern role you had a while back. Ride Safe.

  • Johnny Thunder

    Can’t wait for the video!

  • Davidabl Blankenhorn

    whoops..When i saw the headline i thought “Cota” was that Spanish trials bike.
    It’d be no contest unless you’re climbing over logs or something…

  • DucMan

    Living the dream…

  • The_Doctor

    i raced there one time. On foot. In the fog. Only took me 30 minutes!

  • karlInSanDiego

    After watching the mayhem that’ll undoubtedly occur at all the hairpins of the circuit, MotoGP might just pull out at the last minute. COTA interruptus. Best of luck!

  • BillW

    Those appear to be “break” markers. It’s not clear if that means the bike breaks when you hit those speeds, or if you’re supposed to stop and take a break to consider the wisdom of going that fast.