Tiger vs Scrambler

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01 topshot ernie v apex

What’s better off-road? An ADV-styled street bike or a dirt-styled retro? Sounds like an odd comparison, until you realize it’s Nick Apex and Ernie Vigil doing it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.c.perry Jesse Perry

    This isn’t reducing my want for a Scrambler. At all.

    • yipY

      If you ride a Scrambler on half serious dirt it will reduce your want to do it again.The Scrambler looks cute,but is a heavy,underpowered road bike with B-grade suspension and evil dumpy unresponsive off road handling and stability.It’s an ad to sell Chinese made fashion clothing with pro riders doing wheelies,not a lifestyle.

      • 200 Fathoms

        Yep. Check out that lumpy action at 1:44. Ugh.

      • EchoZero

        Was the Scrambler really ever marketed as an offroad bike? I mean, it’s a Bonnie with high pipes and knobbies. It’s like a Jeep Patriot – it may say Jeep on the badge, but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna take it to Moab.

        • yipY

          It is here,it seems.

          • EchoZero

            Heh. Well, Icon also throws sand tires on Street Triples and goes desert racing with them. I guess I put this into the same “abusing a bike outside it’s normal environment” category.

            • yipY

              An advert for stuff riding a road bike in a straight line in sandhills and falling off is not “desert racing” by any standard.One bike is not “them”.Two posts?,be honest you are just a marketing guy with a psychology certificate? Right?.Modern bikes are made to abuse,like the kicking of sand into bored bikers eyes to sell stuff.Viral marketing needs to engineer a better virus.

              • EchoZero

                Sorry, I was thinking of the Portland to Dakar ad, which was presented as a “race”, but I guess they used Tigers. I don’t even get why we’re arguing – pretty sure you basically said the Scrambler was a terrible offroader, and I didn’t think Triumph even marketed the bike as an offroader. Icon does, but… well, that’s Icon.

                Yeah, not a marketing guy, since I clearly suck at it. Just a bored lurker.

                • yipY

                  “BORED LURKERS IN TRUCE” I guess I’m not cut out as a headline editor for NewsCorp either.

                • lennard schuurmans

                  Jippie you made 25 grumpy comments in the last 5 days. Are you trying to break the troll record?

      • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.c.perry Jesse Perry

        Conveniently, I’m more interested in a well made, classic looking moto for commuting 100 miles a day over some shit-tastic New England roads. I do love my ’98 CBR, but I don’t see anything wrong with a CBR and a Scrambler.

        • yipY

          Unless you are near 6’2″ and over 180lbs get a TU250X with clubman bars and a small bikini fairing and ride those twisties with the throttle pinned the whole way.You may learn that being in the drone zone and going fast by never slowing down is the key to skill and speed.I’m not down on the modern Bonnie,but the dirty tires are a bit marginal for serious swervery.

  • thepierced

    While they never answered the question, you can’t deny that that looks like a whole lotta fun. On either steed.
    I don’t know enough about these bikes to figure out which one really would be better off the beaten (paved) path. Anyone care to enlighten?

    • http://twitter.com/Ricardo_Gozinya Ricardo Gozinya

      I think it’d come down to preference. Whichever one you like better would be the one you’re better off with, on or off a paved road.

    • yipY

      Yes:get a DRZ400 or a KLR650 with dirt tires.You are now basking in light.

  • MotoEnthusiast

    I’ll admit it…. I had a Monster right after I watched this.

    • HammerheadFistpunch

      Still have one, a ’99, putting TKCs on it & rock this.

  • TheBoatDude

    A fun video, but if I needed to do any off-road, Triumph – while a great marque – is not the first that comes to mind – KLR and F650 GS come up before I get to the Tiger XC. Also, is the Scrammy really an “off-road” bike? or more of an “unpaved road” bike?

  • http://www.facebook.com/corey.cook.549221 Corey Cook

    Very cool video, but there’s nothing being done here that can’t be accomplished on ANY motorcycle. Dirt, it’s fun, and it won’t kill you or your street bike.

    • http://twitter.com/TheVeeTwin Damo Von Maciel

      Exactly! This just looks like a blast.

      (The video wouldn’t have looked as cool if a couple of cats on DR650′s were doing it.)

  • NoneMoreBlack

    I guess this is a popular song with motorcycle videos


    • http://twitter.com/JackNorton8064 Jack Norton

      I knew I’d heard that song somewhere else

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000578098359 Matthew Farley

      as well should any black angels song be

    • Mark Desrosiers

      The singer definitely has a bit of Jim Morrison in him. In a good way, if I’m not being clear.

    • http://www.facebook.com/alherb Frank W Jones
  • MotoEnthusiast


  • http://www.joelpm.com/ JoelPM

    I’ll take both, and the truck.

  • nick

    Around my neck of the woods, we have paved roads in worse condition than this desert flat. The Tiger 1050 is on STREET tires. Yes, I’m hating. Moving along.

  • luxlamf

    Rode my Scrambler around the desert for many miles last week in Joshua tree, had great fun so all the “Stuffy Fun Boys” and their “This bike is no good for that” should stay at home and complain on the internet more and more.

    • yipY

      And so the process of relating your adventures to anybody within earshot,begins.

      • luxlamf

        That’s right Bilbo, you just keep “Analyzing” while I’m out riding.

  • socalutilityrider

    I’m sorry, but that almost made me spit out my drink just now

  • BillW

    While the modern Scrambler is heavier than the 1960s Triumph desert sleds, I’d be willing to bet that modern suspension (however short the travel may be) makes up for it, mostly. Sure, it’s not a modern dirt bike, but it’s probably just about as good as the stuff McQueen and Ekins raced on (better in some respects, worse in others).

    • yipY

      McQueen/Ekins era desert racing Triumphs were at the most 150lbs lighter than this modern road bike with almost identical horsepower.As a serious dirt bikes there is no real comparison. I’ve ridden a couple of old Triumph dirt bikes assembled from rusty worn out junk and they were surprisingly good trail bikes with tractable power and easy handling.The last part was opinion,but the first part is physics and is hard to ignore.

      • BillW

        That would be one of the “worse in others” traits I was referring to.

        • yipY

          As in “worse in dirt”.