Vintage motocross in the northwest with Hammarhead

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“We met Andrew McKeag when he put together the house band at the Gibson Guitar Showroom during our Caffeine and Gasoline tour,” writes James Hammarhead. “Andrew is a staple of the Seattle music scene, currently playing with the Presidents of the USA and Hard Roller. More importantly he is a diehard motorcyclist who started riding VMX as an adult after watching a race at Woodland MX, now he has a BSA 441 and a Husky 400 cross. We met up with him in PDX at the 1Moto show and joined him at Woodland for a quick and dirty shoot. Great time was had by all.”

  • Eric

    i want one!

  • Bryan Woody Wood

    I got to get out of my Lemons car and back onto my Husky. Maybe I can make it to Meatball’s rally in June.

  • yipY

    I’m confused here.Is this slo-mo or slow motion or just plain slow? Please explain.