Watch an FJ Cruiser nearly kill a motorcyclist on GMR

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So the thing about all these amazing SoCal roads is that their amazingness attracts a wide range of users. Us, of course, but bicyclists, chest wigs in yellow Lambos, tourists in minivans and even people operating improbable, gravity-powered vehicles like long boards. And, of course, the people that try and take videos of all that. Here, one of that last group crosses the double yellow in a blind corner to get a better shot…

Rider’s view:

Driver’s view:

The driver has started a thread on Reddit, attempting to explain his actions. That doesn’t appear to be a popular decision.

Thanks for the tip, Emmet.

  • James Henry

    No one is perfect… but driving on the wrong side of the road around a blind turn? C’mon man.

    Kudo’s to the motorcyclists for the quick reaction.

  • Sergei Petrov

    ef that guy. he needs to be reported and have his license taken away for a LONG time

  • Frank Emmanuel DeBros

    He’s lucky it was a biker. Imagine if it had been that, what was that, an S2000? that was one turn further back…

    • Sergei Petrov

      z4 i think

  • Mark Gardiner

    Very heads up reaction by the motorcyclist in question. I hope that Reddit collaborates with police so they can use that idiot’s video to charge him. Bet a pulse readout on the biker would be entertaining.

  • Racetrack Style

    Listen to your friend and put it on YouTube so everyone can see the foolish judgement. Good thing the plate is visible from the other video

  • Porter

    That is some outstanding accident avoidance there. Lesser riders would’ve locked up the brakes and gone under the FJ. Very impressive riding. The guy in the FJ seems like a pretty typical SUV driver, IMO. I’d bet a lot of folks would do the same thing, passing in a blind corner.

    • Madame Mohawk

      Yeah…I’m one of those lesser riders. My @$$ woulda died. That rider has mad reflexes and really kept his head. I hope the driver of that FJ gets arrested.

    • Jeff Schnitzer

      I happen to drive an SUV when I’m not riding my bike. You’re an idiot for trying to pass in a blind corner no matter what type of vehicle you drive, and squids on bikes rack up plenty of bad karma on their own. Watch your stereotyping.

  • Dennis Bratland

    This never would have happened if they all had guns.

    • Sebastian Sassi

      You win today’s Flying Penis Non Sequitur Championship.

    • Jenelle Koch

      Now that is a stupid comment!! and I am for Guns totally!!! Think before your write something stupid like that!!!

    • mom

      u wud never have happened when ur daddy had a gun.

  • Boredinmin

    Sweet Jesus! The FJ guy was within a half second of killing someone and it would have been completely his fault. There is no justification for crossing the double yellow – especially in a blind corner. What a f-ing idiot.

  • Aaron Berg

    Great job by the rider.

  • Speedo007

    What an idiot. Good rider to avoid it at such last minute…

  • KriegaUSA


    I felt that maneuver… right in the taint.

    • Nathan Wiley

      Excellent use of the word taint…..

  • George Roberts

    “But dood, i totally have to get this shot!”

    • Bruce Steever

      Gotta love the fact that i’m seeing an ad for used FJ Cruisers (in the same color from the video, no less) in the header of the HfL homepage.

      • Filly-fuzz

        The fucking targeted ad’s have almost completely driven me away from HFL.
        I remember a time when HFL would “never have ad’s”

        • Motorcycle Extremist

          I was actually happy to pay the subscription fee back then…

          Perhaps this could be made an option for some nice ad-free premium content? :)

  • The_Doctor

    Gordamn, that is a very impressive reaction. I would have just pooped.

  • Shaun Groomes

    well damn, that thread disappeared quickly

  • C Mad

    Epic avoidance . I hate to say it but i may not have made it out of that situation.

  • Tommy Erst

    Jesus. I was just up there on sunday. An amazing road, but soooo many completely blind corners. Its a lil scary.

    Those dudes dont even seem to realize they were less than a second away from manslaughter. I cant believe that dude didnt turn around and pull that dipshit out of the car. I am one of the least confrontational people I know when it comes to that stuff, but I dont know if I could have held that one in.

  • MeatyBeard

    I have a hole theory for heinously stupid people like this. You dig a hole, throw them in, and fill it up. This guy fits the hole theory nicely.

    • Bruce Steever

      This driver better go find a reaaaalllly deep hole to hide in, because he’s famous for all the wrong reasons now…

  • nafterli

    Fast Reflexes! Idiot Driver.

  • Chris Cope

    CA plates 5VDV253. I live in the UK but have sent a complaint email to the CHP, asking that the SUV driver be cited. I’d hope others would do the same.

    • Andrew Haala

      Agreed and done.

    • mom


  • DucMan

    Too many people on this planet, time to thin the heard. “Idiocracy” is looking more like a documentary film every day.

  • Steve M.

    The FJ driver needs a brain scan, to see if he has one. Another killer on the loose. His own video just makes it even worse.

  • Brett Lewis

    I’m a little slower in the blind curves, it cuts into my fun but I’m
    always wondering what if… If I ever needed justification for being
    prepared for the worst when approaching one, this is it.

    • karlInSanDiego

      I’ll second that, but add a lot slower. Knee dragging in the canyons is for 19 year olds trying to die. Older bikers have learned it’s a difficult place to enjoy your bike because Ricky Racer won’t stop draggin till he’s paralyzed or dead. At the very least if you do this kind of riding enough, you’ll round a blind corner to see 17 cars stopped and ahead of them is a dead squid and a life-flight helicopter. Of course the Toyota driver’s a tool, but this whole mountain was sporting tools that day. The skateboarders were prime candidates for crossing into oncoming traffic next with no brakes. And behind the bike, an s2000 and two more bikes, one at full tilt with his shoulder over the yellow. It’s not if but when.

    • Mark Desrosiers

      Yeah, riding anything harder than 8/10th is asking for trouble eventually. Of course, 8/10th for me is a lot, lot slower than 8/10th for, say, Jamie Robinson.

  • Casey Finney

    Prick,, wrong side of the road,, blind bend,, pity it was’nt a fuckin BIG truck comin the other way,, nuff said !!

  • Sasha Pave

    Luckily one of the stupidest decisions of this kid’s life didn’t take a life. His license should get pulled for this, maybe that will teach him a lesson.

  • FreeFrog


  • thegreyman

    Mad skills to the rider! The driver need to be cited and fined.

  • Motorcycle Extremist

    Scum like this should not be allowed to drive a vehicle of any kind ever again! >:(

  • Dennis Dillard

    Who in the right mind drives on the wrong side of the road on a blind curve, the worst part they were laughing about it. Some one needs to take that kids license. The most dangerous part of riding really is the morons in cars.

  • Marty Owings

    WOW. Great reflexes by the rider. This is why you should NEVER over ride your site distance. That was too fast for that road for sure. Those brick walls (and Toyotas) can pop up any time.

  • Martin

    No trial, no jury….

    What a pair of idiots driving a lethal weapon.

  • nightscout13

    Stupid driver….. Also the rider is not completely innocent here. He is going fast near a blind corner, on a public road.