Watch Jimmy Lewis and Johnny Campbell ride Big Dune

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If you have any doubts that the KTM 990 ADV is the adventure bike, this video should dispel them. You’re on board a stock “Baja” edition, complete with stock tires, with former Dakar racer Jimmy Lewis as he rides alongside the legendary Johnny Campbell on his Honda CRF450 Rally. You know, the factory HRC dakar bike…

This all happened at AltRider’s Taste of Dakar out in Nevada. Come next year and you can do this too.

  • Lars Larson

    What is a dakar bike?

  • Nathan Wiley

    Cool video. No disrespect to the big KTM, but it should be noted that Jimmy could probably do this on just about any two wheeler.

  • Troy Rank

    They make it look so terribly easy…..

    • nick2ny

      Riding on smooth, virgin sand at non-race speeds–where you can define where corners start and stop–isn’t particularly hard. It’s when you’re racing a hundred guys who have raced since they were 3 years old, and having to beat them, while navigating with a roll chart, at speed, over rutted, rugged and unfamiliar terrain that I imagine it gets mind-bendingly difficult.

  • Sasha Pave

    Dumont Dunes is freaking awesome, highly recommended even for the big bikes if you have knobbies.

    Speaking of that, doesn’t the KTM Baja come with Conti TKCs stock? Those are just fine for sand.

    There isn’t much Jimmy Lewis can’t do on a big KTM, incredible rider:

    • Jonathan Berndt

      he owns a 950…