AGV Corsa: a Pista GP for the common man

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Where the new AGV Pista GP will retail for $1,300+ when it goes on-sale in America this fall, this new AGV Corsa will adapt the same radical new shape and much of the technology at a price point similar to that of the current $600-750 GP-Tech.

It does that by ditching the Pista’s all-carbon construction for a heavier carbon/Kevlar/fiberglass shell. That means it’ll weigh in somewhat heavier than the Pista’s 1,250 grams.

Retained, however, is the aerodynamic new shape, much larger eye port, and much-improved ventilation.

According to AGV, the Corsa brings the following improvements over the GP-Tech it will replace:

- Weight savings over the GP-Tech to be announced
- 193% more ventilation surface area
- 71% smaller visor movement area
- 48% less HIC index standard (Head Injury Criterion)
- 44% less lift 36% less g-force transmitted to the head (compared to the ECE regulation)

In short, a much-needed, much-improved flagship that’s attainable for actual consumers.

Ride on the road and need something with vents that open and close, instead of just operating with rubber plugs? The new AGV GT Veloce, going on sale some time this year, aims to bring the Pista and Corsa’s vision, ventilation and aerodynamics to a helmet it’ll be practical to live with every day. That means lower noise levels, more padding and a less extreme shape that’ll work on bikes with a variety of riding positions.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated on both.

  • alex

    the only thing it doesn’t have and which makes my bell helmet lord over it is an autotint face sheild

    • Mr Paynter

      I find the autotints so quick to darken but a little sluggish to clear-out again when it darkens, and because of that alone I generally have Shark helmets with the built in sun-visors.

      • MrMotoWise

        Sharkity Shark. Can’t wait to try out my Race-R Pro as soon as riding weather is here.

        • Jordan


    • Ganesh Bell

      agree.. I am on of those religious Arai customers and I recently purchased a Bell RS-1. two firsts for me – first non-Arai as primary helmet in 18 years and first non-top-spec helmet. very happy and the tint shield alone is reason to be happy for me.

  • Speedtrippn

    I’m glad to see more and more helmets progressing towards larger eye ports. While I can’t speak directly to the AGV above, larger ports generally allow for much greater situational awareness and instill rider confidence.

  • Princess Yow

    Pista GP or bust

  • Ganesh Bell

    While race tech trickle down like larger eye port due, safety is great news.. helmet tech from everyday use has been lack lustre across all major manufacturers for a long time… helmets just have not progressed as much as other gear has. I want auto tint standard, I want better ear cavities for speakers, why not active noise cancellation – there is no tech innovation

  • Zaron Gibson

    AGV have moved to a VERY neutral head shape, probably the most neutral of any company. If you have a round head, you won’t fit in any of their current lineup unfortunately.