Up-Close with the 2014 BMW R1200RT and R1200GT

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Last month we showed you some spy photos of the new 2014 BMW R1200RT and 2014 BMW R1200GT. Now a video has surfaced and has shined some light on the new BMW.

As we can see from the video, the new BMW is named the R1200GT and covered in stickers that hide the true shape of the final design. The walk around of the bike in the video shows that there is new fairing, new rear lights and the exhaust is now on the right side.

Rear view.

The exhaust.

The instrument panel looks akin to the K1600GT‘s TFT screen with a GPS right above it with an the classic BMW audio system that can be controlled from the handlebars.

Instrument panel.

We should know more about the 2014 series of BMW bikes this fall with their scheduled releases at EICMA and Intermot.

  • disqus_OWbxlFoWr0

    The saddlebags are top opening?

    • Stuki

      It almost looks that way…

      If so, those Kraut buggers just blasted through the last remnants of my resolve not to waste any more money on overpriced German complexineering for awhile :(

      Top loading panniers that hug the rear wheel that tightly are, to this relative geezer, sexier than any gold suspended red Italian can ever hope to be….

      • http://twitter.com/GaneshBell Ganesh Bell

        definitely not top loaded.. looks like same panniers on the current K1600GT with the aero fins. Look at the rea view to see conventional opening sidecases.

  • Dan Nel

    Now if they can get her to drop 45lbs from the current RT weight that would make a huge difference!

  • fred

    I really enjoyed the K1600GT but the weight was not my cup of tea after numerous RTs. I like the bigger fairing idea and everything else coming up. I hope the GT lights make it to the RT, too.

  • Dan Cross

    when can i test drive one? i own a 1978 1000 rs now in great shape. trying to sell it now. the only thing i didnt like about my old bike , is that i cant turn to sharp. cylynders hit.. can you lean the new bike alot more?

  • T1Z1an0

    Under the stickers I read 1200 RT and not GT.