Dougie Lampkin rides Goodwood, once again

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01 topshot x goodwood table

Dougie Lampkin is being a hooligan at Goodwood once again, this time ruining a fine dinner party for the Revival’s 20th Anniversary. He took his trials bike atop a dinner table destroying “a birthday cake, 100 glasses, 16 decanters, 15 fruit bowls, 100 roses, 100 tulips and 80 lilies.”

  • Mariano

    Sorry, but a hooligan wouldn’t get laughs and clapping from a bunch of high class bourgeois…..all due respect, but the video is stupid.

  • Hooligan

    I’m not sure that the members of the English motorcycling press present at that dinner could be described as “high class bourgeois”. Other phrases come to mind but that is for another day.

    • Mariano

      There’s no mention in the, short, article that the dinners were members of the press. All I see is a guy breaking stuff in front of an amused audience……..definitely not a “ruined dinner”

      • Hooligan

        Try looking at the begining at about 8 seconds where it says it was a dinner for the press for the launch of this years Festival Of Speed.
        You ever been to the Festival Of Speed? Or The Goodwood Revival? Or sat eating quality organic food from the farms on the Goodwood estate in the cafe at the side of the historic car racing track that is round the perimiter of the Goodwood grass areodrome? ( A WW2 fighter base)

        • Mariano

          No, I never had the pleasure. Sounds like great time. Last Summer I was in a Festival of Speed though…’s called the Laguna Seca MotoGP, although I didn’t have quality organic food, but mainly overpriced junk food…..I specially recall the Corn Dogs: two for 5 bucks……delicious on a cold, Pacific Ocean misty morning.

          • Hooligan

            Come over here and savour the Laguna Seca type roads over the South Downs around Goodwood.

            • Mariano

              Well, thanks for the invitation. Likewise, come to Portland, OR. Two mountain ranges to the East and to the West. The Pacific Ocean with the mithycal Highway 101, and all the organic food you can eat :)

  • Dmitri Parshenko

    I watched the video prior to reading the text and was expecting that guy to ride elegantly like Baron Münchhausen did on a horse.

    • Jesse

      Lies and balderdash, and I will have none of it.

  • Lawrences

    Great Scott! Mr. Lampkin had to dab riding out the door! Stupid grapes on the rear tyre.