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The Honda Cub started as a 49cc, 4.5 horsepower motorcycle in 1958 and has sold over 60 million units — making it the world’s most produced motor vehicle. It is famous for its strong and robust design and for being considered the “Volkswagen Beetle” of motorcycles. It’s also the face of “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” advertisements.

The basic version of the CC110.

A couple weeks ago at the Osaka Motor Show, Honda revealed two new concept motorcycles — a pair that are reminiscent of the Honda CT110 and the Honda ST70 — the Cross Cub 110. Just like the CT110, it has a 110 cc engine that outputs about 8 horsepower — it has the same frame as the Super Cub 110 and is intended to be an off-road motorcycle. As well can see from the pictures, the red one of the CC110 is the basic version and is more akin to the CT110 and has high clearance with dual purpose tires. The yellow one of the Cross Cub is a beefed up version with knobby tires, headlight guard, covered seat, and a higher exhaust and is similar to crossbreed version of the Super Cub and a ST70. Both versions are available in red and yellow and Honda wants to release the bike this summer.

The beefed up version of the CC110.

  • Will Pierce


  • Christopher Holloway

    would definiately want one of those, am looking for an economical and fun runabout, and that looks perfect

  • Larry

    My first ride on a motorcycle was on my dad’s orange ’74 Trail 90, sitting in front of him with my feet on the crossbar and my hands on the bars. I wish he’d kept it. I have a soft spot for these things. this really does look more like a further evolution of that design than a “concept”. I guess there’s no word or it coming to north america? seems unlikely since the CT110 “postie bike” has been for sale in Australia and southeast asia until recently (still?) long after they stopped selling them here.

  • Kr Tong

    Tell me this wasnt inspired by this guy

  • Guy S

    Is this gonna be sold in the states?

  • MeatyBeard

    Of course not in the US.

  • tobykeller

    If you can pack light (and rig a jerry can or two), I’m convinced something like this would be the ideal RTW motorcycle. A small capable scoot like this would be easier to maneuver through the trails, ferry (canoe…) crossings, and crazy urban clusterfucks of the developing world. It would be much cheaper to ship, fuel, maintain, and fix than a big GS-style bike. And every shadetree mechanic in any far-flung country can fix one.

    And what I’ve learned from puttering around rural Thailand on my wife’s scooter: there’s really something special when the bike is small and quiet and unassuming… as if there’s less machine between you and the world you’re traveling through.

  • Lawrences

    Why do I want to have one, in yellow, to drop by the coffee shop on GS “ride night” ….

  • Dustin Edwards

    It’s funny cause I already have two big honda motorcycles that are great, but these look soo cool I kinda just want to start over with one.

  • HammerheadFistpunch

    Certainly not for the US. Oh well, I’ll have to settle for my yardsale Super Cub and a fresh $250 Lifan 125cc motor. Oh, and some knobbys to ‘beef it up’ for some extreme offroad action, of course.

  • Paul Elliot

    Just the thing for “Honda vs the World” redux.

  • Harry Paratestes

    Looks like a Cub rode through a pile of Ruckus parts…

  • Troy Rank

    Love it. There’s no chance of these entering the US though…

  • Troy Rank

    Maybe Ed will upgrade

  • Stan Dinkler

    Takes me WAY back. When I was a kid the “Trail 90″ was the ubiquitous HOnda trail bike.

  • TestSalad

    Honda would never sell something so awesome here.

  • Michael Suchy

    Great, I hope to get such a beefed up version of the CC110 in Germany

  • Rick Carmody

    it doesn’t surprise me one bit. They sold millions of the CT version from the 60′s to the 80′s. Probably one of the most reliable bikes I own. I have a 1968 CT 90 and I love it!!

  • Malachai Hough

    this and in all black colourway=legendary, possibly the only bike you could ever need built to last, seriously, why are Honda not offering this option worldwide just yet? Honda need to take a realistic ride on UK roads around the city rather than the deserted roads of the Scottish highlands or something and realise most vehicle owners/commuters etc are battling endless potholes and rough roads around the majority of the busier streets in the UK and rugged good value vehicles are absolutely the market. I think they need to get over this fact that Europeans and westerners alike are just a cash cow and will buy anything despite practicality, When was the last time you seen a completely unpractical vehicle on uk roads like a 1000cc sportsbike outnumber a scooter or any other vehicle for that matter?