India’s Cardboard Traffic Cops

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In a bid to cut traffic violations in India, police in the city of Bangalore have positioned life-size cardboard cut-outs of traffic cops.

Placed at busy intersections in the central district, the idea is to control traffic where in 2012 police say that there were more than 60,000 traffic violations in the Indian city and at least two people are killed on its roads each day by speeding motorists.

Traffic commissioner MA Saleem told the BBC that the introduction of dummy policemen is due to a shortage of traffic cops in the city and added: “It is not a gimmick. Wherever we have put up these cut outs, violations have come down.”

via Bikes In The Fast Lane

  • Davidabl Blankenhorn

    out in the twisties near where I live a guy has done the same thing..but with a couple of life-size cutouts of deer. The first time you see one you think it’s real, then you notice that it’s made of sheet metal. After that it’s a reminder that the area is in fact crawling with real deer..and you slow down anyway. I’m sure that the cardboard cops have the same effect.

  • Jose Manuel

    LOL… They should put on it an AK-47 maybe they can slow down the crime too, That cop looks kind of friendly.

    Or They should put a real cop hidden behind the cut out… too, LOL

  • Kevin Schrage

    The other good news is the cardboard cops only take half the standard amount to bribe.

    • scott correy

      Cardboard donuts?

  • di0genes
    • scott correy

      I was just about to post about those! I’ve done quite a bit of riding in the Yukon and even when I knew it was a plywood cop car I’d slow down just in case this one time it wasn’t, heh!

  • FreeFrog

    April Fool’s Day was yesterday. Doh!

  • Bruce Steever

    Every time that i start to think that my trip to India made me unreasonably judgmental towards the subcontinent, i read something like this: “…at least two people are killed on its roads each day…” Not a bad score for a single district. (For reference, noted pedestrian deathtrap NYC only kills about a quarter that number per year, with a similar population.)

    Life is cheap in India, but apparently there’s another billion of them, so don’t fret when some street kid gets run down.

    But don’t forget to save the tigers! There’s only 1411 tigers left! Feel free to “expose” your unwanted baby girls, but save those damned tigers!