Jamie Robinson does Spain

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For his latest two-wheeled adventure, Jamie departs for Madrid, picks up a Ducati Multistrada and sets out for adventure. Snow, ice and Spanish truck stops didn’t stop him.

  • sospeedy

    You are a lucky man Mr Robinson! Great vid.

  • Scott Jameson

    Ole! I want a Multistrada, all sorts of mo’ better gear, and mostly … Spain.

  • Nathan Wiley

    Good travel flick. Is it really that deserted in Spain in the off season, or careful editing? Nice to see the Ducati leaned over a few times in the corners. No need to be too conservative for this audience

    • HF

      Outside of the main cities and away from the coast Spain can indeed be that deserted. It has some of the best riding in Europe – plenty of well paved roads, plenty of curves and generally not too much traffic away from the cities.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mattcmason13 Matt Mason

    Jamie not only does everything on my bucket list, he creates things for me to do on my bucket list. These trips look awesome!

  • Jefferson Parke

    Four years ago I shipped my ’90 VFR from the US to Germany and have left it stored there so that I can bike Europe for relatively cheap. My lady and I have gone for two 3-5 week long trips and Spain+Morocco (quick ferry from Spain) was one of the highlights.

    Shipping can be done for less than $1500 and storage for about $300/yr. Compare this to renting for about $1000/wk and it doesn’t take many weeks to start saving money. Licensing, insurance, etc are workable, as long as you’re flexible.

    It’s a fantastic option for vacation/holiday/travel in general and to ride more places specifically.

    Warning: It’s hard to step back from this stuff. After the first two trips around Europe in 2009 and ’10, for 2012 we decided we would keep heading east, and we’re still on the road 10 months later. HA!

    • Jefferson Parke

      Oh yea, and fantastic video, MotoGeo.

    • KeithB

      Shipping can be done for less than $1500 and storage for about $300/yr. Compare this to renting for about $1000/wk and it doesn’t take many weeks to start saving money.

      Brilliant idea!
      Got me thinking……

      • http://www.facebook.com/gurupurkha Gurupurkha Khalsa

        Actually, shipping from southern California to many major ports in Europe can be had for approximately $500 (not including port fees on the receiving end of approximately $150) through http://www.schumachercargo.com/motorcycle-shipping.html.

      • Eric

        I have a nice CB250 I am always willing to borrow out! hahahaha! Not exactly a Ducati but new dampers and fixed forks…

        • Eric

          Lend it, that is.

  • The Blue Rider

    Wow. Beautiful bike, beautiful scenery! I knew there were nice roads in Spain but I had no idea it was that lovely there.

  • http://twitter.com/Jericho7 Josh Manning

    Jamie, you should come shoot an episode here in the Philippines :-) http://smu.gs/YvaQKc

  • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

    Damn, that looks like fun.
    Sort of related: Who was the ska band in the background starting around 2:30?

  • Eric

    Wow…Jamie in Spain! I started riding after moving here. Anybody close to Valencia, I can show you some amazing dayrides!

    • Khali

      I rode from Madrid to Valencia and Cheste to watch the MotoGP races and the massive party…I wish I have had a couple more days to ride around the area…

      • Eric

        those are settle changes of landscape. anywhere on it gettin off the highway makes for surprising discouveries.

  • Speedo007

    So jealous!

  • Khali

    Oh, I recognize some shots from “El puerto de el Pico”, thats an amazing road going from Talavera de la Reina to Avila…I love it. And a must-visit for any motorcyclist in the area hehe :)

  • Hooligan

    Spain is such an amazing place to ride. The roads are incredible, and smooth and well maintained (mostly) the scenery stunning. And as noted once out in el campo totally empty. Also drivers give you some respect.

  • jp182

    I just got back from Madrid with a day tour in Toledo. Can anyone in that area suggest places to rent a bike? I told my wife that we have to go back so I can ride those roads.

    I’m not looking to offroad but I am looking to enjoy the scenery and the twisties when I go back.