You Won’t Believe a Triumph Scrambler Can Do This

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01 topshot x johnny lewis

Johnny Lewis is an AMA Pro Flat Track racer and rides a Triumph with Latus Motors Triumph. Here’s a video of him showcasing his flat tracking riding skills on a Scrambler through a forest with slides, wheelies and jump.

  • Guest

    i think he could have done it with equal success on a vespa…

    • Ricardo Gozinya

      That could make for a fun video. Just make better choices with the music.

  • Sergei Petrov

    this guy could have done all that on a vespa with equal success. or a ninja 250. there’s nothing here that shows the scrambler any more capable than any other light street bike (obviously a dresser would have given him some trouble)

    • Damo Von Vinland

      Probably, I know I couldn’t do it on any of those. I mean I would try, but it would result in my immediate demise.

    • Mr. 1911

      A vespa wont throw a roust and a ninja 250 wont make it up a dirt hill! Don’t compare a scrambler to a vespa or a sport bike for women!

  • Michael Martin

    Similar terrain past experiences with a Vespa… You have to go a lot slower!

  • Justin Turner

    Gently used Triumph Scrambler for sale- used to putt around family tree farm- garaged.

  • 200 Fathoms

    Amazing rider, but…ugh. That thing looks ungainly out there.

  • Eddie Smith

    This is why they invented the monoshock and the USD fork

  • Scottie Ray Smith

    Hey! That is ‘Empire of the Sun’ singing “We are the People”…the non-remix is a great song.

  • Stephen Kellie

    banned in Aus cause of EMI!! that music is ruining for one guy…. plus all of Australia!!

  • Emmet

    not amused. Let’s see him do that with a Goldwing! :D

    • Mr. 1911

      Lets see you do it on a Goldwing!

  • Chris Cullen

    Not really a ‘forest’ but cool nonetheless.

  • Lawrences

    Dear Triumph,

    Delete the music (if that’s what that was)…your engines deserve to be heard.

  • Dave Hargreaves

    Good thing he’s a skilled rider… That thing looks like it handles like a dump-truck.

  • Robby McHenry

    Looks like a lot of retro fun to me!

  • Bug Spattered Jacket

    Nice! :-)