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Here’s Jorge Lorenzo, the MotoGP Champ, doing a watch commercial for Sector. He gets ditched by two women for having a plastic watch — only to buy a Sector and take off with both of them in a sidecar.

via Bikes in the Fast Lane

  • Jon

    Plastic watch? You’d think they’d be repulsed by his mutant little finger.

  • Garrett Nelson

    Urals are so cool even Lorenzo rides one.

    • Jon Bekefy

      That’s what’s happening here.

      • Steve Ionescu

        Wonder how that came together Bekefy? :-) Nice work!

  • Speedo007

    “Con” in French means “stupid” and I think it fits perfectly here :)

  • Nick Paul

    Probably the best commercial i have seen lately

  • Tommy Zipprian

    This… was terrible.

    • The Blue Rider

      There’s no way to make him charismatic. He comes across as reserved and a bit geeky – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Unfortunately when the image people try to make him something he’s not (witness his biography cover) the results are cringe-worthy.
      I’m an expert at being awkward, so I know. The ad people need to take a different tack with him.

      • Audrey Wye

        He looks like a even more geeky/awkward version of Shia LaBeouf…

        • mugget man


          You win one internets.

  • RT Moto

    Gold diggers pass on the plastic watch, but are all about the Russian built tank of a bike Ural?? I call shenanigans. I mean, I’d take a ride in a Ural sidecar any day, unless Wes is piloting cause then I’d have to pass, but those ladies look like your typical Audi/Mercedes/BMW types.

    • Scott Pargett

      I’d ride in Jorge’s sidecar.

  • Filly-fuzz

    I will never get that minute back

  • Josh Manning

    My favorite part is where he rides off with the girls on the URAL.

  • gsx750f

    Materialistic whores are materialistic.

  • John A. Frye

    I’m not sure a $130 metal quartz watch is a whole lot better than a plastic watch…

  • Khali

    I like that yellow watch, id buy one.

  • JB

    That fact that the top guy in the top class of motorcycle racing is resorting to doing cheese ball ads for this low rent company should frighten all of us. Even Nicky gets a tissot deal because he’s just a likeable guy. Jorge, on the other hand, is an intolerable prick. He’s like the bad guy in an eighties summer camp movie.

    • gsx750f

      You are not up to date. He used to be a spoiled brat for sure, but he changed and became a modest and likeable guy. You should keep in mind that he never had a real childhood/youth, and his interactions with other people of his age were only in a very competitive environment. He was raised to be a motorcycle racing champion since age 3, what do you expect?
      And all the people that are hating him because he copied Rossi’s victory celebrations, Sun/Moon logo, different colored legs, etc. should think about if all of this was actually his idea, and not some personal manager’s.

      • JB

        I am not up to date, surely. But that’s because I stopped watching motogp after it turned into the Lorenzo show. You can’t blame me (or other viewers) for not sticking around to see if the kid’s douchebag edge would soften.

        And yes, he was raised to be champion since he was in diapers. That’s a common thread in top tier racing. It’s not an escuse for being unlikeable. If anything, his lack of a childhood makes me hate him even more. I ride motorcycles because I find them fun and because they, in some ways, rekindle that sense of joy and whimsy I had when I first got on one. To me, the rebellious image of motorcycle riding isn’t some blasé disregard for safety standards and laws, but simply a refusal to grow up. Jorge isn’t likeable because he takes the sport and himself too seriously. Sure guys like Rossi and Pedrosa are predatorial savages on the track, but I always get the sense that those guys are having just as much fun as they were when they were eight years old. Lorenzo never had fun on bikes, and he’s created a fun vacuum in motogp.

        • gsx750f

          Fair point!
          I guess in the era of Rossi’s mind-games mental toughness and absolute focus are mandatory tools in a rider’s skill-set, and Lorenzo has that perfected with self-hypnosis and whatnot. He clearly isn’t in it for the fun, he is in it to do what is necessary to become World Champion.
          But you should give MotoGP another chance, the last race in Qatar was great fun, they even didn’t show much of Lorenzo because he checked out in the first lap and then rode on his own for the rest of the race.
          With Rossi being near the front again and Marquez in the mix we might be in for a treat in Texas.
          While I normally prefer WSBK I’m really looking forward to this season in MotoGP as well.

          • JB

            I definitely will be watching this season! The story should be great. If the opener’s podium is any indicator of what we’re in for, this is going to be good.

  • HoldenL

    Wouldn’t it be cool if MotoGP had a high-enough profile in the States that the champ starred in TV commercials?

    By the way, if you gave up on MotoGP because of the boredom factor, try tuning in again. Sunday’s race in Qatar was fun to watch.


    I can’t believe the 2012 MotoGP World champion lowered himself to such a level…FFS

  • JB

    Oh, you said “haters gonna hate” in a comment section. Now I can check off that box on my internet bingo sheet. Thanks! Also, that whole “don’t talk trash, you don’t even know me” by proxy tactic is really unbecoming. Then you started your next paragraph with the one word phrase “whatever.” You have got to be the lamest dude onthe planet.

  • Grant A Crandall

    Uh, ok…..