#KriegaSideUp: the finalists

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There’s been some great photos submitted to the #KriegaSideUp contest. Now, we’ve narrowed them down to 12 and its your turn to vote on the winner, who will receive a $250 giftcard to Kriega.US.

The purpose of this contest was to see who could take the best bike photo that also incorporated Kriega’s luggage, backpacks, hydration packs or accessories. Not all these finalists have visible Kriega gear, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide if that’s a factor or not.

Here’s the finalists, vote for which entry you think should win.

Larger versions of all these images are available in the gallery below.

  • Corey


  • therubbersidedown

    Thanks for the nomination guys! However, if obvious Kriega gear placement is paramount a couple of my other entries are much better. Such as this one:


    and this one is my favorite:


    Vote for TheRubberSideDown!

    • http://www.facebook.com/davidabl.blankenhorn Davidabl Blankenhorn

      Agreed. But would be even better if rider and chase vehicle had moving fast enough to be able to get some motion blur on the background. (Authentic blur not photoshop) Alternatively, shutter could have been dragged slightly to to the shot at say 20mph,effect is kinda similar to panning.

      • therubbersidedown

        I didn’t have a chase vehicle or an actual camera. Just a friend with a handle mount and a GoPro Hero3. Thanks for the tips though! Also I didn’t use photoshop, just slight color correction in my phones pic editor.

        • http://www.facebook.com/davidabl.blankenhorn Davidabl Blankenhorn

          I haven’t used the goPro yet, but if it’s a fixed aperture lens anyway a neutral density filter would slow the shutter speed by 1 to 3 stops (depending on the strength of the filter. btw, in your case the chase vehicle was the your friend’s bike;-)

          • stephen

            Haha. I was standing still as he rode by me at like 45-50. I used the 30 frames in 3 seconds burst mode on my hero 3 while trying to get as close as possible to him as he rode by. That was the best shot that actually showed the Kreiga backpack. The rest of them had some really cool motion blur but they didn’t show obvious Kreiga.

  • Chris Wilson

    Competition rules are for chumps

  • Aaron Kirkland

    Really humbled to be in the final 12. Thanks guys!

    Vote for akirkland !

  • MrMotoWise

    Tempted to vote for Wayonaise just for his name…but a gorilla suit is tough to beat.

  • Lawrences

    votes for the best and me

  • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

    my vote is for markderosiers pic in zion

  • Mark Desrosiers

    Very cool to be in the final 12! Sweet photos all around.

  • Alan Smith

    I like whiteout the best!

  • Travis Stephenson

    Looks like I made the top 12. Thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.howard.9889 Michael Howard

    What gives? If the whole point of the contest was to show Kriega gear in action, why are there finalists — chosen by you — without any Kriega gear?