Neveda lane splitting bill passes committee

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The lane splitting bill in Nevada has passed the transportation committee, destined next for the state assembly, then senate. Could a second state get legal lane splitting?

Here’s the committee session.

Assemblywomen Maggie Carlton opposed AB236 because “she doesn’t want motorcyclist’s guts end up all over the back of her car.” Assemblyman Paul Anderson had something similar to say from his experiences in living in Southern California. But, their opposition was primarily anecdotal and based on fear, AB236′s proponents were able to counter with hard facts drawn from actual research conducted in California and Europe.

Carlton’s response to those facts? Something along the lines of “Oh, yeah, well Europe is full of communist terrorist pinkos, scientific studies conducted there couldn’t possibly apply to Nevada’s super unique vehicular traffic!”

There have been some changes to the bill:
1. Mopeds would not be allowed to “lane split”;
2. Instead of requiring a person who was lane splitting to drive in a cautious and prudent manner, the amendment requires that the person drive in a manner that is reasonable and proper, having due regard for the traffic, surface and width of the highway, the weather, and other highway conditions.
3. Instead of simply limiting the speed of a driver who is lane splitting to not more than 30 miles per hour, the amendment allows lane splitting provided that the motorcycle, while driving between vehicles:
4. Must not travel at a speed which is more than 10 miles per hour faster than the speed of those other vehicles; and
5. Must not exceed a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour.
6. The effective date of the bill is changed from October 1, 2013, to January 1, 2014.

We’ll keep you updated. Cross your fingers.

Source: Lane Splitting is Legal

  • Aaron Breitweiser

    “She doesn’t want motorcyclist’s guts end up all over the back of her car.”
    Ironically, I use the same argument in favor of lane splitting.

    • Lane Splitter

      She’s really stuck on this lane splitting bloodbath scenario. Her statement in the first hearing was ridiculously uninformed: “I’m picturing a scenario, I’m on the highway, we’re going down… 25 miles an hour, I’ve got a kid in the back seat. They roll the window down, they stick their arm out, my kid ends up with a broken arm, the motorcyclist’s guts end up all over the back of my car. Uhm… it just doesn’t seem to me to make a lot of sense. I’m sorry, it doesn’t. It just seems like a very dangerous thing to be doing.”

      • ADVgoddess

        Those are the rare opportunities I cherish…the chance to unexpectedly high five a motorist with their hand out the window…

      • Mitchel Durnell

        Seriously, pick a horror scenario lady, I can either break your kids arm OR asspack your car, not both!

      • Stuki

        If you don’t raise your kid to know better than riding around with his appendages sticking out of the car he’s in; somebody’s gotta do it. Kid’s gotta learn something, sometime; even if he’s cursed with a useless mom.

    • john

      Most of them deserve it tho the way they ride their motor cycles.

    • Stuki

      Well, honey, we want to lane split specifically so that we can stay away from the back of your car, don’t we…..

  • Lane Splitter

    This is super-exciting – it seems like lane splitting/sharing/filtering is getting some momentum lately. The simple language of AB236 will hopefully be an inspiration if/when we revisit SB350 here in California.

    And thanks for the link to our story! We’ll keep covering AB236 and SB350 as well as other developments in the world of lane splitting.

  • J. Brandon

    Here’s the message I just emailed to Assemblywoman Carlton:

    I’m writing today to ask you to support AB
    236, legalizing lane splitting by motorcycles in Nevada.

    I live in rural Northern Nevada and ride my
    motorcycles throughout the west. Later this week I will be riding to Las Vegas
    for business and to visit family. I would feel much safer riding in your city if
    I had the protection that lane sharing offers. Sitting at a traffic light behind
    a stopped car, knowing that the driver coming up in my rearview mirrors may
    crush me between two vehicles is a very vulnerable feeling. This risk is
    completely eliminated if I can maneuver safely to the side of the car in front
    of me.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Dennis Bratland

    I think it was David Hough who emphasized that the tough thing with lane splitting is getting used to it. How do you get a whole population to adjust to the new way of things without carnage? It’s bad enough to be the rider who just moved to California and you’re learning to lane split. At least the cars are used to it.

    On the other hand, there’s a halo effect where everyone is extra careful for a little while when you try something new. Sweden experienced it when they all one day switched from driving on the left to the right side of the road. They worried it would be terrible but everybody was so cautious for the for the first year while the got used to it and the accident rate went down.

    Then everyone went back to regular complacent driving the way God intended, and the accident rate whet back to normal.

    • Stuki

      Didn’t know that about the accident rate in Sweden. Instead of all the idiocy traffic cops are involved in over here, perhaps we should just switch which side we drive on every few years, to keep people alert…..

      I remember some (fairly mainstream if I’m not mistaken) traffic researcher in the Netherlands or somewhere, suggesting that traffic would be safer if we just removed lane markings, signs and all other “crutches”, and just let people find their way as best they saw fit.

  • Mitchel Durnell

    I’m glad they clarified the language of the passage; cautious and prudent is yesterday’s news – reasonable and proper is the new hot tip.

  • TheBoatDude

    I knew it was going to be a matter of time before the other 49 states realized they let “Nanny State” California be the first to allow something that they don’t.

    • Stuki

      I’m pretty sure even the denizens of Pyongyang aren’t so thoroughly stomped on, bent over and subjugated that they cannot even lane split on a vehicle designed narrow specifically for that purpose.

  • valen


    • Richard Sua

      I lived for 18 years in the world’s most traffic heavy city – Tokyo and Yokohama. And lane-splitting is Legal there to motorcyclists AND scooters. Most of their major intersections even has a marked reserve area for all two-wheeled vehicles to maneuver through traffic to the front of the cars and trucks. Is lane-splitting dangerous? apparently Japanese doesn’t think so.

  • Kr Tong

    Nevada road conditions ARE kindof unique in that most of the state is two dimensional with roads that only curve with the earth. Drivers out there don’t know what a turn is, something I’ve witnessed one a couple road trips to Vegas, reno, etc. They all drive shitboxes. If they have money they buy trucks. Nobody gives a fuck about how to drive, so you never see any sport cars. A mitsubishi eclipse is considered a fancy sports car. Doesnt surprise me one assemblywoman would veto a proposed bill that would require her to look for bikes in her reflective doohickeys.

    She’s at least good enough to admit (inadvertently?) the danger is HER car.

    • J. Brandon

      I’m sorry, a couple of trips to Vegas or Reno does not make you an expert on Nevada roads. Nevada is one of the most mountainous places on earth. We have plenty of twisty roads. But you won’t find them by looking at a hotel parking lot.

      • Kr Tong

        You’re right I oversimplified for comedic effect. Carson pass is one of my favorite roads ever.

        • J. Brandon

          All good, amigo. This bill would allow me to almost completely eliminate the risk of being crushed between two cars at a traffic light. So I’m in favor of it. And if you would like to ride some of those twisty Nevada roads, just give me a shout.

  • Alexander Merkel

    I´m from Europe and we simply do lane splitting. It works fine for us, so it should not be any danger to do it on such wide an well build roads ;) good luck with AB 236

    • Afonso Mata

      Whenever we see those on the tv and movies we’re all like: “Man i wish European roads where that wide!” :P

  • Gonçalo Fernandes

    Carlton is clearly the typical ill informed or ignorant motorist(my guess is both). Nothing you say will change her mind. The concept of lane splitting makes no sense in her tiny brain because is should click in the same part that hold the habit of checking your mirrors every few seconds. When you live in a tunnel vision ignorance, logic, statistics and common sense are foreighn and rediculous concepts

  • john

    What a load of crap!! Motor cyclists do not need special treatment. They need to learn how to ride tho. Most accidents involving them are their fault but yet the idiots on motor cycles try blaming the people driving cars.

    • stever

      Yes I agree! Instead of passing this law, just eliminate the law that forbids lane splitting. The free market will work, rewarding people who choose to drive superior vehicles by allowing us to efficiently use roadway that is otherwise going to waste. All of these special rules are for the birds.

  • Brandon W

    I keep hearing people say how unfair lane sharing is and “they should have to obey the same traffic laws we do.” I ride in Las Vegas every day of the year and every summer I lane split and break the law, not because I want to thumb my nose at the law makers or other motorists. Because its 120 degrees on the asphalt and I have a hot motor between my knees. Riding in the inclimate weather that Nevada summers bring can be extremely dangerous when you have no AC and no way to get water to your mouth through a state sactioned DOT helmet. Motorcycle accidents aren’t the problem here. 90% of the traffic accidents on Las Vegas freeways are between cars. Motorcyclist aren’t on their phones, eating, drinking, or distracted from the road. Most of us know that our life is in our own hands and we ride accordingly. Yes, there are some riders that are dangerous and have complete disregard for traffic laws, but there are just as many drivers. The difference is one is in control of a 300-500lb vehicle and the other a 2500-5000lb vehicle. Now tell me who is more dangerous.

  • Slowtire

    I support lane splitting but I fear the learning curve for cagers is going to be disastrous for the first riders who do it.

    • Stuki

      If you’re lane splitting the Strip in summer, it is physically impossible to suffer an impact at more than 2mph faster than you yourself are going on your bike, even if you lanesplit against opposing traffic. Since 2mph is the de facto speed limit for non lane splitters on the Strip in summer.

      It’s like LA rush hour. Despite insisting on crashing my bicycle into logjammed cars every few months; unless I should suddenly grow younger, stronger hence faster, there is simply no way I can manage to do any more damage to myself than a few scrapes here and there. Even a city bus is not particularly dangerous just sitting there. And neither is a Las Vegas tourbus.

      Motorcyclists spill their guts when either they, or the cars this assemblywomen seem so convinced they are bent on crashing into, moved at some sort of speed. Which means, when conditions do not indicate lane splitting.

      • Slowtire

        This is what I fear if lane splitting ever gets legalized in my state (NJ).
        People drive so aggressively here that if they are not made aware of what lane splitting is, they will block you on purpose. It happens all of the time here, even between two cars. Everyone is in a rush. If there is not a wide spread educational campaign in states where lane splitting will be introduced, the idiots in cars won’t put up with it. At least here anyway.

  • Stuki

    “Mopeds would not be allowed to “lane split””

    Now, where did THAT come from? Lanesplitting is, like, THE sole purpose of a moped in an urban area, isn’t it?

    What is wrong with these yahoos? It’s almost like as if some peddler of 50 inch wide trikes are lobbying to prevent potential customers from defecting to saner pastures….

  • FreeFrog

    Woohoo… let this spread like wildfire to the rest of the U.S. Happy I live in CA where I’ve been allowed to lane-split for my 30+ years of riding.