POV Video: Watch a Motorcycle Cop Chase Down a Guy in a Mazda

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Here’s a helmet cam video from Florence, Alabama taken by Officer Troy Gurley on a BMW R1200RT chasing down a guy in a Mazda that refused to stop for a traffic violation. As you can see in this motorcycle cop chase video, the suspect led Officer Gurley on a 5-minute-plus chase through the city, ending in a foot race. It’s one of the few police chases we’ve seen from the perspective of a motorcycle cop cam.

  • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

    maybe the mazda driver saw the bike cop’s name badge as he passed and thought he had a good chance?

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephan.alessi Stephan Alessi

    the helmet pat at the end was pretty rad

  • Thomas Heenan

    That asphalt is gonna smart his naked elbows when he goes down… oh yes, he will go down.

    • http://www.facebook.com/OMG.Awesome Clint Keener

      Seems like the CHP now wear full face helmets with full body protection.

      And I’m surprised the small town cops are riding BMWs instead of Harleys.

      • KeithB

        Even “small town” cops can see the benefit of a BMW over a Harley :)

        • http://www.facebook.com/tomwito Tom Witoshynsky

          They should get KTM Adventure bikes, he wouldn’t have had to get off the bike. Just keep riding through the yards.

          • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

            Moto cops on Dukes. I’m pretty sure that’s the stuff of hoon-nightmares.

          • http://twitter.com/Ricardo_Gozinya Ricardo Gozinya

            The Vatican uses Ducati Multistradas.

  • jwsdmdmd

    The one thing that sticks out in this video, to me, is the relative lack of protection that motorcycle police officers wear. Small thin gloves, bare forearms ,skull cap helmet and if he is like most of the police I have seen, no protective pants, jackets or spine protection. I understand that a full face helmet would be difficult considering the majority of their job, but no leather jacket with spine protection? Most of the boots I’ve seen these guys wear look like horseback riding boots. Why is it that the one public display of government supported motorcycling promotes such little protection? These guys wouldn’t dream of going to work without their bullet proof vests yet they consistently ride with little body protection.

    • http://twitter.com/scottdc scott correy

      I recently moved back to Portland and it’s suprising, but good, the number of officers that now wear modular helmets and Aerostich suits here. At least in my neighborhood they almost outnumber the ones still wearing open face helmets and no gear.

      • Robotribe

        Same in my town (Pasadena, CA). No Aerostich suits, but the modular helmets seem to have become standard issue.

        • http://twitter.com/KegOChaos A Wiens

          Interestingly, up here in Canada, the bike cops that ride BMW’s are fully geared, the ones that ride Harley’s wear the traditional horse riding gear (Short sleeved shirt, knee high boots).

          This may not be the rule, but it is all I’ve seen.

          • Joe Bielski

            And the cops that ride sled dogs have full furs on….. It’s true!!!

    • Mark Desrosiers

      SF PD are a bit better, with at least modulars and long sleeves, but still no Aerostiches. The dirt bike cops wear real MX boots, so that’s a start.

    • Eric Shay

      Especially after all of the accidents they must have came across of other riders who have crashed, I can only imagine the things they’ve seen.

    • http://www.facebook.com/tomwito Tom Witoshynsky

      I was stopped by a motorcycle cop a week ago. He wasn’t even wearing eye protection. And it was 7am riding eastbound into the sunrise. I could barely see with a tinted shield and sunglasses.

    • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

      I had that conversation with a MA local officer while we both dismounted at the same sandwich shop for lunch. The officer I talked to had a significantly armored textile jacket, giant jackboots, yet thin gloves, an open faced helmet and no leg protection worth mentioning. We got to talking about safety gear, and he halting spoke about the gear situation for the local department

      The department gives them a small stipend for gear a year, like a couple of hundred bucks. The supplier they deal with for police official uniform-approved gear is outrageously expensive. To the tune of thousand dollar armored textile jackets, $500 Official police 3/4 helmets, etc. So they build up gear over time, and every few years, everything needs to be replaced.

      On one hand, he wanted to be geared up. We wanted to be able to be a good representative of the smart moto-community. On the other, he still needed to be able to get off the bike a chase someone down on foot (like we just saw in that video). The line gets drawn someplace.

      I asked him if he ever had an ‘off’ while on duty. He smiled and replied “thankfully not,” but said that he has when he was riding his own bike, and was thankful that he was better geared off duty than on.

      • http://www.facebook.com/raphaelsassi Raphael Sassi

        I can run in my leg armor, and graphite knuckles hurt more.

        • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

          Officer was in pretty good shape, and probably could have, too. I think the gist of the issue he had was he had one place to get approved gear. If the local department hadn’t green-lighted real gloves or proper riding pants, then he was sort of SOL.

          I wonder how many others face similar situations?

    • Khali

      I guess they stuck to an outdated uniform… here in Spain motorcycle cops use modular Schuberts as standard helmets and I believe they wear protective uniforms…

    • Mike M

      They spend almost 12 hours a day on the bike. To most, comfort is paramount to safety.

    • Bob

      Yes, yes, yes; there are even people that honestly believe that police officers would be “safer” without guns. The (non)thinking there is that people (and police) are not competent enough to handle the equipment they use everyday.

    • Gale Hobbs

      you are very correct. If my husband had not been wearing his bullet proof vest, he would have been dead on scene. He has a severe brain injury, and no helmet would have prevented that.

  • Pete

    Imagine the chase on Harley police bike

    • http://twitter.com/bloodfalcons motoguru.


      • Slowtire

        grow up.

  • Scott Jameson

    Policeman rides admirably; calm, cool, collected (’til his feet hit the ground).

    • Khali

      Im really impressed on his riding style.

  • http://www.facebook.com/electricbike Troy Rank

    Very professional riding. Its nice to see the positive side of the cop videos.

  • Chris Cope

    No, I think they were congratulating him for the pursuit –– tapping his helmet and shaking his hand.

  • FiveG

    Man, I’d love to see the pending charges for this guy? To go through this to avoid a traffic stop — he had to have something serious hanging over his head.

    Kudos to the officers — great riding and they know, at the end of the ride, that they have to be dealing with someone who isn’t Mr. Rogers.

  • roma258

    Whatever you do, do not read the youtube comments section for this clip.

    • 80-watt Hamster

      I’ll heed your advice, but now you have me curious: Why?

      • roma258

        Let’s just say that there is a conversation about race taking place, but the discourse is less than civil. Lots of words starting with the letter N being thrown around.

      • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

        YouTube comments make me re-lose faith in humanity. I have to drink a lot of coffee to regain it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/raphaelsassi Raphael Sassi

      Alabama, police foot chase involving a young black male, and youtube. The perfect recipe.

      • roma258

        Yeah, no kidding.

  • Chad C

    LEO in the orange shirt might want to consider a desk position.

  • sunandst4rs

    his professionalism and riding style give cops and everything you ever learned in an MSF course a good name


    MAN that BMW is slow……

    • Kevin West

      He also had to stop at every intersection to check traffic to avoid getting hit, something the guy fleeing wasn’t worrying about.


        Thew acceleration after stops was EMBARRASSING…..

        • http://twitter.com/Ricardo_Gozinya Ricardo Gozinya

          I’ve seen plenty of grey hairs riding some form of a boxer utterly embarrass people on supersports, those things are plenty fast. The cop wasn’t trying to impress random people on the internet, he was doing his job.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Look dude, I know you’re just going against anything I say cause we don’t see eye to eye. If I would have said the opposite, then YOU would be saying that he’s slow. You’re arguing to spite me. Whatever I say, you will automatically say the opposite.

  • Justin Turner

    I wasn’t paying attention when he parked his bike, and watching his foot chase thinking it was on a moto was surreal and hilarious.

  • http://twitter.com/jwongAU Jon

    Nice riding. Bad cardio.

    • Joe Bielski

      He was fast, until he got off the bike :P

  • stopeject

    I don’t know why everyone is so impressed with cop’s riding style. Look how he turns around 3:00 mark. Not leaning with the bike at all.

    • V Twin

      He is leaning his body! His head isn’t leaning because he’s sighting a line through the corner. Are you a biker?

      • stopeject

        He is leaning his body in the opposite direction. The bikes leans to the left and his body moves to the right relative to the windshield.
        And no, I’m not a biker. I’m a motorcyclist.

        • V Twin

          At (right turn) 3.08, you can se his arm is leaning with his body. If he wasn’t leaning with the bike. his hand ‘only’ would have left the cameras frame. He is sighting through the corners, that’s why his head is upright! He’s an experienced rider!!!
          “Biker” as in UK terminology!

  • Aaron Trent

    You’ve been pulled over 10 or more times? Enough times to have a statistical 90%, I’m amazed you still have a license!


      Clarification: over a span of 10 years. I started driving a car at 16 1/2, and riding a bike at 18. Most of the time I was just being harassed, and was able to win in court without a lawyer. About 5 I had to pay for. I got pulled over probably close to 20 times total, but like I said, mostly being harassed. That’s California for you. One time, a CHP pulls up next to me on the freeway while I was on a 1 lane on-ramp, jumped out of his patrol car, and yanked my key out my ignition. Screams at me ” IF you don’t have your insurance and registration, you’re going to jail BOYAA!” Had to push my bike to the side of the freeway. I couldn’t believe my f*cken ears…After 10 minutes of harassment, he let me go cause I was clean. This is a typical traffic stop in Sacramento, CA. I would imagine LA is even worse….

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        That’s why they call them pigs…oink, oink.

  • Gerry

    Good job cops… That means one less crazy gangsta on the road. Keep it up and catch more of them.

  • http://twitter.com/Ricardo_Gozinya Ricardo Gozinya

    Were you fleeing from the cops, or did you pull over? If it turns into a high speed pursuit, different rules apply. Cops have these rules so that they can avoid, or at least minimize, the risk to bystanders.


      I admit I have ran from the law before, but have not been caught. I only run when I am 100% certain I can get away, because I know if I get caught, I will be clubbed like a white Rodney King. Maybe it’s a CHP thing, there’s many CHP’s on city streets in Sacramento.

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      Oh sure, they are always minimizing risk to bystanders. It is SOOOOO obvious.

  • mark are

    Why doesn’t it seem to me that this kind of insanity over a traffic violation makes no sense? The cop is endangering himself as well as who knows who else and of course the guy running is doing the same.

    • Lester Arsell

      Shut up and let the cop do his job. The cop don’t catch him now the next time he might run into you, or someone we’d care about, a mother and child crossing the street. It’s apparent you’ve been caught before.

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        Apparent? If I speed I do it way out in the country on a 4 lane highway in a car with no one around. And no, I’ve never been “caught”. This cop is an idiot. And so are you for supporting his insane driving antics in a town.

        • Lester Arsell

          Maybe you are a liberal who has a screw loose in your head. The law that was broke, failure to stop, gives the cop every reason to chase him whether you like it or not. Everybody jumps on cops for not doing their job, and when they do you get liberal pukes like yourself who still bitch. Oh, and by the way, just because you’re on a 4 lane highway with no one around and you speed, you’re still breaking the law cause you haven’t be caught yet, or haven wrecked where no one will find you for a while. Either way, stupid on your part.

          • Joe Bielski

            LOL, There are some states that have “No chase” rules to avoid accidents that may occur during said chase. I think calling Mark a liberal like it’s such a terrible thing is funny. And hey, now your hard earned tax dollars are paying for buddy’s cell, 3 meals a day, workout facilities, etc.

  • Martin Luther 2013

    OUTSTANDING AND PROFFESSIONAL!!!! If you have never been in a police pursuit, please know that it can be rather tense. The officer was calm and capable throughout. I would ride with that Officer any day.. (just not on a motorcycle..:-).

  • deathgoat

    I was shocked just shocked when I saw what jumped out of the car.

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    Another put upon black male, being oppressed by the white establishment.

  • Joe Donahue

    I have that same bike and I can tell you at times he was at the rev limiter. If you look very close you will see the red light come on , it is small and inside bottom of rpm gauge. Also by knowing the Speedo his top speed at one point was about 110 mph. Very impressive riding I say. Also when he hit the one turn that had sand on the road the TCS light flashed. Thank god BMW makes all there bikes with traction control. Higher end bikes that is.

  • John Bales

    As a old retired Cycle Cop in Indianapolis, I think that is the scariest thing I ever did was car chases in traffic. He had a lot of suburbs and something better than a Harley 74 cu in.

  • Debbie C Michaelis

    The officer was able to stop at all or most of the Stop Signs. Congrats to the Officer. Great Job….And still catch the suspect. A job well done.

  • Lyndell Luster

    Awesome Job, especially when nobody gets hurt!!!!

  • johnd

    Picking on that poor kid…he was just going to the sore for some skittles and ice tea….racially profiling him…not because he was speeding and breaking the law because he was DWB

  • Mark Anthony Badato

    Thought you weren’t supposed to enter pursuit on a motorcycle ?? Reckless tombstone “courage.”