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Remember that article we did last month about Road Rash? Well, now a similar game is raising funds on kickstarter. The new game has been dubbed “Road Redemption” and they are looking for capital so they can make the Road Rash game you’ve always wanted.

The original Road Rash was a motorcycle racing game that had a unique twist to it — you could use a variety of weapons to knock other riders off their bikes to increase your chance of winning. There’s a lot of nostalgia around this game due to its fun factor. The new Road Redemption will include modern gameplay such advanced AI, online multiplayer, a single player mode, and a combat system that follows the laws of physics — no auto-aim here guys. Even though Dan Geisler — one of the original programmers of Road Rash — is not involved in the development Road Redemption, it does have his blessing and support according to his twitter.

“Road Redemption takes the motorcycle combat-racing gameplay, pioneered by the Road Rash series, to the next level.”

Road Redemption brings state-of-the-industry combat controls, insane crashes, destructible environments, AI, ragdoll physics, and online multiplayer to the classic formula.

The Road Redemption team has been hard at work since early 2012, though preliminary design work started as far back as 2009.

“Road Redemption is the experience that we’ve been dying to play for over a decade. We need your help to make it the best experience possible.”

  • Jonathan Berndt

    ya know, in a world where we have real people getting killed and losing limbs while just trying to watch a marathon finish, do we really need $hit like this????

  • svrider

    Awesome! The original road rash was a lot of fun.

  • nick2ny

    Seems a little violent, even for Road Rash. Clubs and pipes are one thing, but a gun and a samurai sword?

    It looks like Dan Geisler is going to put his own version on Kickstarter next month. From his twitter on April 12: “Looking forward to launching a Kickstarter in about 30 days, for the next escalation in motopyscho violence.”

    • karlInSanDiego

      Maybe they should show 10 minute cut scenes for each crash of what the last 10 minutes of someone’s life is like post-crash. You know, everyone doubles back. Someone stops traffic on each blind corner on either side of the biker down, and then the rest watch in horror as the guys goes from screaming/moaning in pain from his compound fracture, to gurgling on his own blood from internal bleeding. Everyone one can’t decide between relief and terror when he finally stops making any sound at all. When I was young, Road Rash seemed like a fun idea. Now I’d rather simulate more moral endeavors, and wish the same for everyone.

  • karlInSanDiego

    WTF??? Redemption? Really? Sad to see a bunch of smart guys building a fantasy world where you kill other regular people to raise rank in your gang and control illegal drug routes. Find a better cause for you lives, guys. Bikers have a tough enough row to hoe staying safe in today’s traffic. We don’t need to show kids (and yes, they will play this, just like they played GTA for a generation) or impressionable 20 somethings that motorcycling is about death, killing, violence, brutality, and getting ahead by offing someone. LAME.

    • Jeremy Chittenden

      Motorcycles and the people on them are all about Deth, machine guns, mayhem, booze and wheelies… You just need to get out more.

  • Bobotripple

    Like all other games, the important thing to remember is, IT’S A GAME!
    Just because I love watching Breaking Bad does not mean I think Walter White is a good or disable character, but its a still a thrill to watch.
    I’m a ATGATT rider who is also a safety instructor as well as having a day job that has me driving ten hours a day, and I deplore hooligan stunt riders on public roads. Saying all that I would love to unwind with a couple of hours of kicking my mate into an oncoming semi and laugh and taunt him over Skype for a full 5 minutes until he gets back up and cuts my head off with a sword and returns said laughter.
    How does he get up and do that to me? Because its NOT REAL, IT’S A GAME, IT’S FUN, AND THEN IT’S OVER, and then I can go read books to my kids, with the knowledges that the little hooligan wild hair that resides in all people who are attracted to motorcyclist has been exercised virtually.
    So huzzah! To these young talented people and there wonderful idea, I can’t wait.

    • Jonathan Berndt

      so there arent more positive games to unwind to? it may be a game, but its sad that what people consider killing and maiming a fun thing! very sad indeed…

      • karlInSanDiego

        Yeah it was interesting watching the game developers wax nostalgic over games/systems that influenced them. It started all Mario and Ultima, but the next generation can’t stomach games where they don’t frag with realism. So instead of mushrooms and dragons, it’s a lame attempt to let people role-play despicable behavior with added realism each iteration. RockStar, meet your own worst enemy. A team of developers who are more deviant than yourselves. Not that I find people infatuated with war simulations any more grounded in reasonable entertainment. We are a society full of people who stim on violence. Then we wonder why we can’t break the cycle where 18 year olds sign up to kill people in foreign lands with Rage Against the Machine blaring in their HumVees, unaware that RATM is against war. There’s a reason why no one has touched this segment for 10 years. Because it’s twisted to get your rocks off killing people in the name of sport. One more title that Moms and Dads will have to scrutinize over the label of before saying, “No way pal.”

  • mugget man

    I’ve gotta laugh at all the people complaining that it’s too violent…

    So it’s okay to have these kind of games when the graphics are blocky, and weapons are limited – but as soon as it gets a little more realistic and guns are added suddenly the game is bad?

    *choo choooo*

    All aboard the hypocrite train! Running express to self righteous internet activism!

    • Street Kore

      Unfortunately we live in a PC, humorless society that lost it’s perspective between make believe and reality. We’ve suppressed our savage urge for the “good of the children” that’s now only acceptable when it’s on cable with corporate sponsorship.

      This was an awesome game in the golden age of gaming. We all used to play it, and couldn’t get enough of it. And we’ll do it again. I don’t care how old or socially responsible you think you are. It’s time for a resurgence of fun loving recklessness that we used to enjoy and not question because it wasn’t a question of morality. It was just innocent fun played out on your TV screen..

  • HellRazor

    wow i love it, thats something with really need to be polished, i like more the animations on this project:

    i really don’t know why

    u guys really need to do some quests like some hidden places so we find some unique weapons and itens maybe?