Don’t Cut This Russian Biker Off



01 topshot x portable grinder

Here’s a video of a Russian biker being cut off in traffic and his unique approach to revenge — chasing the car down, punching off his side view mirror and then attempting to slice it off with a portable grinder. That’s right, a portable grinder.


  • Afonso Mata

    In Mother Russia….

  • therubbersidedown

    I’m sorry but if you are riding a bike that can’t keep up with a Nissan Juke in a straight line then you probably shouldn’t screw with a driver unless you have a clear getaway.

    • Dustin Edwards

      He was probably getting out his grinder.

  • Lawrences

    Here I thought he was going to unlimber tools to repair a tire on the road… :)

  • Troy Rank

    This is possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    • 200 Fathoms

      This is possibly the stupidest thing I have ever seen.

      • hangaround

        This is possibly the thingiest thing i’ve ever seen.

      • Troy Rank

        He comes back, practically unsolicited, with an angle grinder? Come on, live a little.

  • TheBoatDude

    I like how the guy was confronting him at the end. Mental note: Don’t confront angry folks with powertools. Nothing good will come of it…

  • James Mckaskle

    Maybe this person should perhaps be on medication and off motorcycles.

  • motoguru.

    alrighty then…

  • Scott Hart

    Machete or Samurai sword would be a more effective tool for the job! And leave a longer lasting impression on the offender, plus no worries about having to re-charge those pesky batteries! :-)

  • Mykola

    Anybody know what the NTV sticker at 1:14 is about?

    • EliG

      It is a Russian News Station

    • Kr Tong

      Viral marketing?

  • carbon

    Hahahahah! Doubt that driver will cut off a bike again.

  • Kevin

    The revenge fantasy is cool and all, but the best thing that we can do as riders when confronted with inattentive or obnoxious drivers is to immediately maneuver safely away from them and put it out of our minds. Driving angry is almost as bad as driving drunk.

    • hangaround

      In Russia, there is only driving angry or driving drunk. Nothing in between.

    • mugget man

      Funny thing – I ride pretty darn good when I’m angry!

      But only because I’m so overly cautious and restrained the rest of the time.

  • Cesar Di Sanctis

    I am a rider, but the biker was stupid not to foresee the car would avoid the parked tractor.

    In my opinion he had nothing to complain about. He should have left some space for the car to move left, because it was a single lane and he should not be overtaking….

    But anyway, Russia is Russia…. Good entertainment.. :)

    • Justin McClintock

      Agreed. I ride around Atlanta regularly, and if I had the same level of attention to traffic as this rider, I’d be dead by now.

    • Kr Tong

      Except he juked the moped by braking, and looking like he’s about to stop park. I’m sure that’s happened to you before. Happened to me twice last week with cars looking like they’re parking on the shoulder, but actually they were swinging wide and making abrupt turns onto a residential street left—and in the process nearly T-boning me. Idiots need to use their signals and check mirrors.

      • orthorim

        Do you really rely on other drivers to use their signals correctly and check their mirrors?
        I mean it’s nice if they do but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. No, sir!

        • Kr Tong

          Do you rely on replies to assist you in reading comprehension? I said cars need to use turn signals. Do you disagree with that statement? Didn’t think so.
          If a car is braking in a line of parked cars, do you assume they’re parking or that they’re going to at any moment jerk the wheel left?

  • James Colton

    Quick! He’s gradually getting away!

  • Aaron Newton

    what was he riding a RM125?

  • Hooligan

    It seems everyone in Russia has cameras in their cars or on a bike. Partly because the Police were scamming people for bribes saying they are broken the law in some way. And because it’s the wild west, sorry east, on their roads.

  • lickmanuts

    I’s a one lane you idiot.

    • karlInSanDiego

      ok, to clarify without calling you an idiot. A two lane road is one in which traffic has one lane for each direction. So a one lane road would be a single car width and is a driveway. Since there are no lines dividing the extra wide lane in each direction, you cannot legally pass someone on this road. It is clear the extra width is used for parking, thus the rider needs to NOT treat it like a two lane and pass another vehicle without being aware of the possibility that driver will shift within the lane. Who’s an idiot?

  • Josh Manning

    Possibly both the best and stupidest thing I’ve seen. Obviously he did not see the large crane the car driver was avoiding (because he was too busy riding in his blind spot).

  • Porter

    I think an “Oh snap!” is in order here.

  • aapochan

    the reaction of the car Driver was totally foreseeable, who hasnt had that Situation ? I wouldnt offend car Drivers there I think many People carry guns, and they use them . . .

    • orthorim

      I heard in Russia lots of cars have dashboard cams too; something about dealing with corrupt police. So that biker could be on camera when he was getting away.

  • Tony Shipley

    How did he not see that giant scissor lift sticking out into the lane?

    • orthorim

      Too focused on his power tools