Watch Ryan Gosling’s ‘Place Beyond the Pines’ stunts

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In this video, we have director Derek Cianfrance going over Ryan Gosling’s motorcycle scenes in The Place Beyond the Pines.

“Ryan Gosling would have to actually learn how to ride this motorcycle at an efficient enough level that when he went through an intersection he wouldn’t get killed,” says Cianfrance. “It took us about 19 takes to get this just right.”

Gosling rode motorcycles with Rick Miller for several months — Miller was Gosling’s motorcycle instructor and stunt double in the film.

  • Emmet

    the movie was filmed in my town, Schenectady. Pretty cool to watch the chase take place on a road I drive on every day!

  • Jesse Friedman

    Did they dub in a 2t sound over the xr650?

  • Justin Turner

    Ryan Gosling went to work one day, rode motorbikes for 12 hours, then left with Eva Mendez. Let that sink in.