Spy Photos: KTM 1290 Super Duke R




Update: SuperDuke.net sourced an even better picture, revealing the new headlight.

German magazine Motorrad has captured photos of a prototype KTM 1290 Super Duke R undergoing validation testing in the Canary Islands. While the bike you see here remains a rough development mule, it does highlight the changes that need to be made to translate an over-the-top concept to an affordable product.

The concept model was equipped with GP-level remote-reservoir gas forks, scarcely any headlight and separate exhaust outlets for each cylinder. 180bhp was thrown around as the power level.

Update (continued): This image, from SuperDuke.net, reveals a more finished prototype, complete with a svelte new headlight that appears distinctly production-ready and more in line with the concept’s numberplate.

What appears to have changed between that concept and this prototype:
- A “real” headlight, pinched from the 390 (and other) Dukes.
- Conventional oil-damped USD forks.
- Conventional single, side-mount exhaust canister.
- Larger seat unit/subframe with pillion accommodation.
- Same steel-trellis frame.

Retained, appears to be:
- Same wheels
- Single-sided swingarm (KTM’s first)
- Tanks shape and side cowls
- Brembo Monoblocs

Additionally, Motorrad reports that power from the bored RC8 motor will be a much more believable 160bhp and will be delivered with the aid of traction control.

Take some of the visual details of this validation prototype with a pinch of salt. Details like the exposed coolant reservoir will likely be more neatly integrated and even major mechanical components like the swingarm appear rough and unfinished.

We’ve heard from a lot of readers who’ve been very, very excited about the prospect of a production version of the concept bike, without seeming to understand the necessary compromises that exist between flights of fancy and realistic production. Yes, this bike does have a headlight that will pass legal standards and be capable of nighttime illumination. No, it doesn’t make quite as much power as some full-on superbikes. No, it doesn’t have $10k forks. But, because of all that, you stand a chance of being able to afford one, being able to legally operate one and maybe, just maybe, not flipping it over and killing yourself the first time you ride it.

The finished version of the production bike should debut at the Intermot or EICMA shows this fall and we’ll likely have more spy photos and leaked info for you in the run up to that unveiling.

  • The_Doctor

    “…being able to legally operate one and maybe, just maybe, not flipping it over and killing yourself the first time you ride it.”

    Yeah, still probably going to happen.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.newton.140 Aaron Newton

      …isnt that the whole point of the Super Duke? go big or go home? i was really hoping for a ungodly evil bike.

      • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

        160bhp, 185kg (wet) and upright bars is still going pretty durn big.

        • http://www.facebook.com/jakob.bodi Jakob Bödenauer

          If the first generation SD was anything to go by, this thing will be mental.

          Mine still tries to spit me off every chance it gets by shaking its head, even with a steering dampener. It’s absolutely mental has a good 40hp less than the new bike as well as only 6kg less (Dry, if i remember right).

          Perhaps with the new one, you can get further than 100 miles, though :P.

          Now, where to get money for another bike…

        • http://twitter.com/TheVeeTwin Damo Von Maciel

          I will be amazed if it hits the street with that power to weight ratio, but hey it could happen.

          That would be like squeezing and extra 60hp out of a Street Triple.

        • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.berndt.73 Jonathan Berndt

          hey Wes, just actually looked at the title. this isnt a SDR, its the standard SD, you have pictures of both but the R has the single seat and the dual seat, which is the bike they are testing here, is the standard Super Duke.

  • carbon

    Thumbs up!

  • http://twitter.com/KeyserBroze JB

    Still a monster. I know they’ve got to make a lot of concessions to build a legal version of the prototype. That’s how it always goes. However, it seems like the headlight is probably just a parts box attachment that won’t end up on the final version and the fundamental form of the bike remains close enough to the prototype that the average consumer will be able to strip it down and dress it up with aftermarket bits to get it closer to the absolutely insane prototype version. Overall the bike seems not to have been neutered as heavily as a lot of these prototype are. Bravo KTM.

    Also, black painted triple trees, bars and perches/master cylinder/levers would go a long way, as would the orange painted frame.

  • http://twitter.com/Ricardo_Gozinya Ricardo Gozinya

    It looks like a more angular 1125CR.

    • Stephen Mears

      +20hp. Not bad.

  • Chris

    The prototype never had a headlight. It was a Contour camera pointing out of the cowl. You can see it better here: http://blog.derestricted.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/ktm_1290_superduke_05.jpg

  • Stephen Mears

    If they can lower the headlight (Ducati pulled it off) and replicate the wheel paint that’ll be close enough.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.berndt.73 Jonathan Berndt

      done, these are old images. we have newer stuff on superduke.net.
      the headlight is much better and the bike overall is a bit more refined than these images.

      • Stephen Mears

        I dig it.

      • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

        That site is impossible to navigate. Send me a link to the specific thread and maybe we can send some traffic your way.

        • Chris

          No, god, no. Superduke.net is slow enough as it is. No additional traffic is necessary.

  • Dan

    Sadly the test mule seems to have lost the taunting “READY FOR THIS?” message that was painted on the prototype’s handlebar. Theres always hope for the final production version. That said, since the machine is essentially a 1300cc Dirtbike, the answer was probably “no” anyway.

  • lennard schuurmans
  • http://twitter.com/Mr_Paynter Mr Paynter

    This thing scares me!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sid.widmer Sid Widmer

    That headlight is unfortunate.

  • http://twitter.com/Daviddotzip David

    Awesome! But, is it just me or wouldn’t it be great if they had a midsize version of this twin? I’d like more bikes that I’m able to go full throttle on a regular basis and not be doubling the speed limit everywhere.

  • Stuki

    in not too long, those Euro makers will use all the gyros and sensors they currently use for traction and wheelie control, to “automate” wheelies and stoppies. Click the “balance point wheelie” button, yank the throttle, and there you go. Pretty soon, every ‘sticth wearing, bespectacled dentist on creation, will be wheelying around on $15,000 bikes like this, making all those 20 something stunters look like plain amateurs…

  • IH

    When is it in the showroom

  • orthorim

    put those crazy orange wheels back on and all is well.

  • Porter

    That doesn’t look like the 390 headlight to me. God I hope that’s not the real one.

  • LC8Awesomeness

    Arghhh, this bike gives me wood…gotta get over to Austria again…worth it for the heaven-sent alpine roads alone…wonder if they do demos at factory HQ?!!

    • Guest

      Phooeey, too much vino…wrong photo…oops.
      (This really is a town somewhere in Austria or Switzerland…Damn, 1290Rs, great roads…and town names to keep ya smiling!)

      • LC8Awesomeness

        Sheeit, can’t seem to upload photo….euro tour circa 2009, town named “Cunter” somewhere in the Nirvana that is the alps…

  • http://profiles.google.com/mugget mugget man

    Awwww, come on! They should have at least kept the exhaust system from the prototype! That was da bomb! Well that would never pass emissions or noise regulations, but I hope they offer that as a race exhaust system at least…

    All the other stuff like forks and headlight are understandable. If people really wanted they could take the headlight off and put their own little numberplate/LED headlight unit on there.

  • Vracktal

    I hope it gets offered with the paint scheme from the concept,complete with paint-splatter wheels. Only thing i’d do is fit a tail tidy.

    That is, assuming I could ever afford one.

  • citizen 74

    Flipping it over and killing myself the first time I rode it would be a small price to pay to own a 1290 more in keeping with the jaw droppingly insane and frighteningly beautiful proto-type we have been teased with for well over 12 months.

    The production spec machine is nice and everything but it does not give me that tingly feeling in my corduroy like ‘the beast’ does.