Video: Watch a KTM Dirt Bike Fall Through Thin Ice

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“Out for a ride on Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago following some snowmobile tracks and came up to a thin spot in the ice,” describes Alex Ramsey. “Going too slow and not knowing that the ice was thin or non-existent, I broke through. Thanks to two good Samaritans, I still have it and its running as good as new. Learned a good lesson though; don’t take a dirt bike onto a frozen lake.”

Video: Watch a KTM Dirt Bike Fall Through Thin Ice

  • HoldenL

    Can I make sure those guys are around the next time I crash my bike?

  • Nicholas Gajewski

    I kind of feel like if you’re riding on a frozen lake, approaching a wet spot like that at slow speed isn’t a great idea… unless you’re in this:

  • Clint Keener

    “Imma go through that slushy spot in this here frozen lake.” WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?

    • Stuki

      Dude, it’s a KTM! Don’t you know those things can go anywhere? The guy’s problem is, he didn’t stick to the KTM way of doing things: Go Faster! Always! Keep the front wheel light! Put your trust in the Austrian Mojo!


      • mugget man

        Haha, the Austrian Mojo. I like it.

  • Corey

    “You better go get dry or you’re going to die.” he said calmly.

  • Stevie

    The whole reason those sticks and stuff are there is to mark a bad spot in the ice.

  • Kr Tong

    Jesus that other guy was nice to grab his bike. No way I’d stick my hand/leg in that water for someone’s motorcycle.

    • Scott Otte

      So much for the brotherhood of motorcyclists…

  • stoleyrbike

    Is everyone in Wisconsin really this polite and unflappable?

  • 200 Fathoms

    Dude. How about trying to fix your recently submerged bike AWAY FROM THE DAMN HOLE!

    • Jonathan Berndt

      i was thinking the same thing, drag bike as far away as i could, then find neutral, lol. very lucky dude!

  • aapochan

    seems like he found the weakest spot.

  • KeithB

    Are you fucking kidding me!?!
    The only other thing to show that was a baaaaaad place top ride over would have been a big yellow fucking sign!

  • Michael Hubbard

    “I cant believe this” the guy actually says that…. Really, you cant belive riding over broken, thin ice would result in you going through the ice???? Wheres Darwin when you need him???