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RA: How’d you get to the point where you could become an investor?

Amber: How did I get the money? Modeling. And, the last few years, I’ve been selling my photos, which has really taken off. I never thought I’d get to the point where my art would sell, but I risk my life to do it and now it’s paying off.

Amber at home, sitting below one of her photos.

RA: What’s the fascination with animals?

Amber: I remember my first dream, I was swimming with whale sharks. To this day, I dream about animals five out of seven nights. I don’t have sex dreams. I grew up in the country and we had pigs and dogs and alligators in the backyard.

I’ve always been fascinated with African animals and I got to the point with modeling where I could go shoot them. Then, I’d miss modeling shoots because I was in Africa taking photos. I can die happy right now because I’m doing what I’ve always wanted.

RA: When did you start modeling?

Amber: I started quite late. I graduated high school at 16, studied medicine in college and assisted at three different hospitals with surgery. At 21 I left home and started modeling, but I’ve kept photography and art at the forefront and now I’m living my passion and trying new things I haven’t done. My next thing is to dive with hippos. No one’s ever done that before, but I’m going to go and shoot photos.

RA: Holy crap. The water must be very murky….

Amber: The water is brown, but you can still see the hippos. I know what I’m doing.

I’d rather die riding a motorcycle or shooting animals than doing something boring.

  • Matthew Artelt

    A good interview but one phrase stood out to me – the comparison between riders and “normal people”. I don’t consider myself separate or better because I ride a motorcycle. I think that’s a mischaracterization of those of us who take part in this (sport/past time/transportation method).
    I definitely identify with the statement on risk taking. Plenty of folks I know who don’t ride see it as very risky, dangerous. They don’t understand why I want to do it. But I see it as something I enjoy, and accepting and managing the associated risks are just part and parcel to the experience. If we were all afraid to step through our front doors in the morning, the world would be an awfully depressing place (not that it isn’t sometimes, but for other reasons).

    • nico101

      Agreed. I ride but I’d go so far as to say I have more in common with so called “normal people”. A lot of riders tend to be d*cks. Probably something to do with the personality type that’s attracted to riding.

      • jp182

        While I think that used to be true for me years ago. Now that I’m alittle older I can relate to her in distinguishing between people who enjoy riding responsibly and people who give you a hard time about riding. Whether I label them or not; there is a distinction. And I feel I DO have more to talk about with someone who has a love and appreciation for motorcycles.

    • Mass Abedi

      You definitely should consider yourself as a better driver. Otherwise you are pretty fast toast, because all drivers of cars are just not capable to see what kind of reaction and experience you need to survive on a bike on a busy street.

    • Khali

      Its just that most people who dont ride will never understand what is usually a big part of your life. Other riders do. It makes things easier. Nothing else.

      Got a work mate who is a guitar player and got like 12 guitars. Having such kind of intense passion for one thing, he more or less understands my passion for motorcycles. And I more or less understand his passion for guitars and rock. Thats as close as you can get.

  • motoguru.

    Whoa, I didn’t know Arto Saari was a photographer. Rad!

    • Matt Meyerson
    • Damo Von Vinland

      And I didn’t know one of my favorite old school pro-skaters (Salman Agah) owned a pizzeria.

      That is also awesome.

      • Wes Siler

        Did you know he rides motocross too?

        • Damo Von Vinland

          Seriously I didn’t.

          Oddly enough all my friends I skated with in my early to late teens have turned to motorcycles for their new fix.

          He never fails to impress.

          • Wes Siler

            You should try his Pizza.

      • Jeremiah Wassom

        He sells a macaroni and cheese pizza that is pure magic

  • Scott Baker

    Meh, risk adverse, reactionary people afraid of their own blood are “normal”. Most bikers accept the possibility of injury or death and ride anyway. I wouldn’t call that “normal” for our society.

    That said, this woman is reckless to the point of suicidal. Swim with hippos? They are arguably the most dangerous, vicious, and territorial animals in the world. No way that can go well.

    • Ricardo Gozinya

      It’s not unheard of for people to do actually. Where do you think all that underwater footage of hippos on nature shows comes from? That said, it’s a lot more dangerous than swimming with sharks, though odds are that the mosquitoes will kill you before the hippos do.

      Then again, your odds of being killed by someone who’s driving while texting is higher than being killed by a hippo too. The world’s a dangerous place.

  • Damien Gaudet

    Loves bikes and photography. I can dig it.

  • RT Moto

    Professional badass all around. I like that she’s wearing some proper gear while riding too, unlike some of the other higher profile women of LA who ride. Stay up Ms. Arbucci.

  • Max_Attack

    She’s such a good-looking woman… so why shoot her pics in black-and-white? Colour pics would have looked so much better…

    • Hooligan

      I think B&W is better for Elephants. When you get close up to them you can see they are actually very
      splattered with dust and dark brown mud. And a colour pic of Elephants
      will always just be a mass of grey. Except if you look into their eyes
      which are dark ruby red.
      Personally i would not choose to swim with a
      Hippo. Though people do. Though Buffalo are more dangerous. I don’t
      reccomend standing behind a Hippo either as they mark their territory by
      spraying a mixture of urine and dung.

  • Kr Tong

    I’m pretty sure i’d feel safer diving with sharks than hippos.

    • Braam Nel

      Hippos kill more people in Africa than any other animal! I’d choose the shark at least you can see.

  • Zach Livingston

    God, sometimes working at HFL just looks like the world’s crappiest job OH WAIT NO IT DOESN’T.

  • Racetrack Style

    Interesting the ‘Sunshine State’, NV, & NM are not on Solar City’s list of current States. Hopefully that will change.

    Great photo of the elephants. All the best in these pursuits!

  • Jeremiah Wassom

    “I got a photo posted on the Rock Store two Sundays ago.” hahahaha Who hasn’t got multiple photos posted on the Rock Store? All it takes is riding the snake. No modeling contract required.

  • Sean Tempère

    Bookmarked under “things to show to my daughter a few years from now”.
    That’s some Inspiring female role model (no pun intended) right there.

  • MVista007

    She is THE perfect woman. Absolutely perfect in every single way.

    How can she be so fucking perfect… If I knew her I would be really crazy for her.

    • Jonathan Berndt

      dont kid yourself there, i sense extreme high maintenance!
      from my experience the better looking they are the more work they are!

      • alex

        no dude she’s totally legit because there are pictures of her turning a corner at the snake on rockstore photos…just like several thousand spandex covered bicyclists…

      • Harkamal Singh

        So damn true//////

      • bammerburn

        Unless they ride motorcycles.

  • TheBoatDude

    Is it coincidence, or does it seem that the articles that involve models are always written by Wes?

    Perhaps we should rename these pieces “This is the Model that Wes is Banging, Now”?

    Ya lucky bastard…good on ya…

    • Wes Siler

      Oh come on. The RA team has some neat friends is all.

  • Dinna Faye

    “Amber: Last summer, my girlfriend and I rode up to the MotoGP in Monterrey.
    RA: Which route did you take?
    Amber: The shady route, up the coast and through the mountains.”…

    But you forgot to add “and un-tarred roads through rain of bugs the size of quarters!”?? ;)

  • Kosta Chachanidze

    will she please please go out with me? I´ll even ride on the back of her bike, if she wants to :D :D :D

  • Mass Abedi

    Haven’t read that article but can say right away what a beauty on a bike. Haven’t seen that yet up here in BC. We don’t have female wildlife photographers on bikes, nor do we have models on bikes, just wild natural women on bikes.

  • SniperSmitty

    I rode a 1986 Honda Cruiser in my 20′s and I just purchased my first supersport, a Honda CBR 600 F4 in my 30′s. I am Really glad I waited until I was older to get a sport bike. My understanding of risk has grown tenfold with my years of life experience.
    Riding a Motorcycle makes me feel alive. It is an intense sensory experience. My friends who don’t ride will never understand. I go to sleep thinking about the next time I will ride. I would sleep with my motorcycle if my girlfriend would let me bring it in the house. OK I’m done. Keep the dirty side down riders.

  • Rowtag

    dream woman sigh

  • TheBigPill

    Good interview. One comment I don’t particularly understand…”You’re not going to be racing around on a superbike in Miami anyway, it’s obnoxious.” Can anybody explain?