Black To The Future For Suzuki

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Suzuki has announced this week three new versions to its cruiser line-up that continue its theme of B.O.S.S. (Blacked Out Special Suzuki) that began with the C90T Boulevard we tested last month.

There are no new engines or even new bikes but instead the B.O.S.S black paintwork treatment has now been extended to the C90 (the same bike as the C90T), the M109R and the C50.

The C90 is identical to the T version but minus the bags, windshield. You can’t take either off the C90T so this is Suzuki’s take on a naked version of the Boulevard. No changes in the engine department either there’s still the 90 c.i (1462cc) v-twin engine and shaft drive. Just like the C90T everything on the C90 B.O.S.S. is painted black from the mufflers to the wheels, forks and engine covers.

Suzuki’s lightweight and best-selling cruiser the C50 with its 850cc v-twin also gets the blacked-out look from its slashed pipes to fenders and everything in between is painted black making it look like a scaled-down version of the C90.

The M109R, Suzuki’s big muscle bike, with that massive 109 ci engine will also be available in a B.O.S.S version but with a splash of what Suzuki calls Marble Daytona Yellow flashes on the gas tank, fenders, headlight and wheels. Everything else, on the bike, you’ve guessed it, is painted black.

All three new Suzuki B.O.S.S. bikes will be in dealer showrooms by July.

  • Garrett Nelson

    Paint job cruiser factory ‘customs’? I’m disappointed Suzuki. Bring out the cool stuff. V-Strom 1000s New DR-Z Supermotos, new GSX-Rs.

    • Tuscan Foodie

      Ditto re the vstrom. The problem is that they may be able to make it even uglier, like they did with the 650. I owned the previous version of the 650 for five years: great bike.

  • Curtis Caulfield

    Oh look another one. Really groundbreaking here.

  • Taco

    This is ground breaking! #GameChanger

  • Brett Lewis

    Well, um, I kinda really like the M109R BOSS, that bike always had too much “chrome”. Hopefully Suzuki Corp. will do well enough financially to bring some real innovation to the old lineup, soon.

  • Piglet2010

    I was hoping for a DR-Z400SM with an updated engine (Hey Suzuki, this is 2013 – ditch the carburetor) and less weight. :(