Motorcycle Crash Injuries Simulated With Make-Up

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Here’s a short video on the importance of wearing your safety gear created by the Colorado Department of Transportation — they uniquely simulated motorcycle crash injuries with Special FX make-up. This will show you how bad a crash can really be without proper safety gear. Watch and learn kids.

  • isupposeso

    I used to think it was cool to ride in a minimal amount of helmet/protective gear. You know looking cool while you ride your bike. Luckily I have not crashed badly and yes am now fully geared up and fuck it. I want to be protected. I value life more than the way I look on the journey. Be protected man!!!! There is plenty of gear out now that looks good but more importantly keeps you safer than drinking thru a straw.

    • facebook-503489623

      “I value life more than the way I look on the journey”. Very true. I wish manufactures like Alpinestars, Dainese, Olympia, etc.. would do a better job offering their uber protective gear in a less power ranger cut and finish (RSD Ronin, Maple Jeans).

      • Matthew Mason

        I want the Maple Jeans so bad, They’re the only good looking motorcycle jeans I’ve seen with hip and knee armor. Too bad I’m broke.

    • Michael Howard

      Riding without protective gear is stupid and requires an unhealthy level of risk denial (“It won’t happen to me”, “I’m a good rider”, “I’m careful”, etc). To me, that is definitely NOT “cool”. Acknowledging the risks and protecting yourself from them is realistic and smart — which I think IS “cool”. In a way, wearing gear is saying, “What I’m doing is dangerous” (hence “cool”), while riding without gear is saying, “This is just as safe as riding my bicycle when I was a kid”.

  • Kevin West

    I’m ugly enough as it is, I’m not going to risk making things worse by not wearing a full face helmet.

  • Bruce Steever

    Good concept for the message, execution felt a bit forced, but still… good on you CO.

    • Robotribe

      I hate being so cynical, but like pot legalization, gay marriage, gun rights etc., humans will find whatever personal criteria of conviction to fit their reasons for justifying their stance, no matter how convincing your counter-argument or PSA is. I bet this video could play 48 hours straight at Sturgis and all it would do is rile the no-helmet riders up even more in opposition to helmet laws.

      Often times, people take the sharing of facts or information as a personal attack. That’s the truth.

      • Stuki

        I never ride without a helmet, but that is no reason why, on top of paying for the darned helmet, I should also fund some taxfeeder so he can run around forcing others to wear one as well. Compared to spending ones life in a bomb shelter playing video games, riding either with or without a helmet is dangerous. Exactly where any given dude draws the line wrt risk vs convenience, is up to him. And so (at least in a civilized society) is picking up the pieces if his calculation was a bit off. People croak, it’s part of life. Exactly who, when and why is nobody’s business but the croaker.

        • 200 Fathoms

          Would you rather your taxes go towards paying for this cheap PSA production, or pay more for your health insurance (either through private plans or future government-based insurance) to cover the massive hospital bills for people who crash without gear?

          (Of course, I guess one could argue that more people actually die if they crash while riding without a helmet, which kind of obviates the need for hospital treatment.)

          • Stuki

            Honestly, I’d rather just not pay taxes. If people want health insurance, buy it. Otherwise don’t. None of my business nor concern either way.

            That being said, if someone asked politely, I would have no problem pitching in to pay for rider education material like this video. But I really do not feel warm and fuzzy knowing I’m contributing to hire some goon in a government issued clown suit to harass a fellow rider, just because he decided to plop down to the corner store to buy a pack of smokes on a Saturday afternoon; without putting his helmet on.

            • 200 Fathoms

              Sorry to take this thread off in a strange direction, but…I’m genuinely interested in understanding your thinking in the first paragraph.

              Say you choose not to buy health insurance (or pay taxes, for that matter). One day, you crash your bike and get seriously injured. If you don’t pay taxes or buy health insurance, who pays for your treatment?

              • Stuki

                The same guys that paid for your treatment (or not), if you fell of your horse and got seriously injured back when America still retained some trappings of a free society; not?

                The important part is to not do anything that reduce people’s ability to arrange to be as safe as they possibly can be. Like, for example, take half their earnings to pay for goon armies, that they could otherwise have spent on better gear, more training, a newer, safer bike with for example abs, and/or more insurance in case things does turn a bit pearsahped despite all that.

                Now, if some guy somewhere would rather spend that money on hookers and blow than on a helmet; and things does go a bit south; I guess he just struck out. He made his bed, and got to lie in it. Or, perhaps, die in it. Happens all the time. It’s really not something You nor I have any business even knowing about, much less caring about.

  • Tony Shipley

    I just saw a Harley dude roll off the freeway in a flannel shirt, jeans, 1/2 helmet why dont these guys get the message?

    • David

      “It’s a highway bike, if I go down, I’m dead anyway.” I’ve heard this at least twice. Dude’s never seen a MotoGP get off I guess.

  • grb

    would you look cool/good if you go to a formal business meeting in a tshirt, shorts and sandals? or of you go to the beach in a suit and tie? Of course not, you’ll always look stupid wearing something inappropriate and out of place, like if you went to play golf all dressed up in a ski outfit. You might look good wearing a t-shirt and some shorts any day, but not if your riding a motorcycle, at the very least youll look inexperience, and that never looks cool.

    • Stuki

      Looking cool is one thing, but when it is effing hot outside, it is incredibly comfortable to ride a naked bike with only a thin layer of cotton on, and your hair flowing in the wind.

      I’ve never had a major crash on a motorbike, but have lowsided bicycles a fair amount of times, wearing what amounts to little more than underwear, and even at those low speeds, the road rash (and impact bruises from simply falling 3 feet of the seat onto hard asphalt) is punishing. Which is why I put up with the discomfort of riding gear. But I can totally see the appeal of riding “naked.”

      Gear is getting better and better vented too, now, further tilting the balance in favor of wearing it. And, and this is big in my estimation, speeds are much higher, making riding bareheaded, or with an open facer, less and less comfortable on a bike. At least without a full fairing. Back when men were “cool” and not hipsters; aka the days of Brando, Easy Rider and McQueen; “blasting” around at 50-60mph was probably nice bareheaded, but going 90? Might as well have a helmet on. Same goes, to a lesser extent, wrt to tight fitting leather/heavier textile suits vs baggy flannel. Of course, safety wise, crashing at 50 in flannel and a bandana is probably safer than 90 ATGATT, but what can you do…….at least we don’t have drum brakes and hard rubber tires anymore.

      • Wes Siler

        That’s actually untrue. When it’s hot out, good gear is actually capable of keeping you cooler by allowing your sweat’s evaporation to cool you properly. If your skin is just exposed to the wind, it’s dried out and you don’t get the same cooling effect.

        No, an unventilated leather jacket will not make you cooler, but a good quality mesh or well-ventilated leather or textile jacket/suit will.

        • Stuki

          Which is why bicyclists ride in well ventilated leather to stay cool when it’s hot out………. :)

          Not directly comparable at elevated speeds on an MC; but then again, hot weather and ATGATT is at their least compatible in specifically those situations (like city riding), when MC speeds are most like bicycle speeds, and humidity is high. Think Bangkok TokTok drivers.

          In general, “high tech” textile companies has got to employ some of the most obnoxiously over promising marketing dweebs out there. Shading from the sun is beneficial in hot, dry and sunny climes, as Bedouins and other desert dwellers have figured out, but no way hurray, is any petroleum derivative WL Gore concoction required for “allowing your sweat’s evaporation to cool you properly.” Light colored seersucker, or tropical cotton or linen, combined with a 20mph apparent breeze generated by riding at 20mph on an unfaired bike, is infinitely superior to pretty much any alternative I can think of, save possibly soaking ones clothes in water every 20 minutes or so, and hence benefiting from the evaporative cooling of them drying out.

          • Damo Von Vinland

            Argue all you want, riding without protective gear is stupid. I am glad we live in a country that you can chose and I will never force someone to wear safety gear, but there is not an accident scenario that plays out better for a rider that wasn’t wearing gear, than one who was.

            The first and ONLY time I left the house on two wheels without a jacket on was the only major crash I have ever experienced. An SUV swerved into my lane and forced me into the sandy area near a high curb, a high speed crash followed in which I became trapped under my bike.

            I had abrasions all over my lower back, took so much skin off both my elbows and fore arms that I almost required skin grafts and had a bruise around my spine the size of Pangaea. Luckily I still had boots, vented gloves and a helmet on, otherwise I might not be here.

            The upside is my body saved my 919 from a majority of the damage.

      • Mark Desrosiers

        Somebody smarter than me would have to run the physics, but I think crashing at 50 in no gear would be pretty instantly fatal, while 90 in full gear is very survivable…depending on how many solid, immovable objects are in your way…

        • Stuki

          As long as all, or almost all, you experience is an uninterrupted slide (like on a properly configured race track), you’re certainly right. Otherwise, you’re dealing with more than 3 times the amount of energy that needs to be dissipated by slamming into stuff before you come to rest. 90 is baaad even in modern cars, where 50 is more borderline. You may still be right on balance between 50 naked and 90 in very good gear; I don’t have comparative data. But higher speeds compound fast as far as potential damage goes.

      • enzomedici

        I ride in full gear all year round. Don’t give me the old “it is too hot outside “crap either because I live in Vegas and it is 110+ F in the summer and the air is like riding through an oven when we ride out to Death Valley where it is 120+ F. Cover up what you want to keep and ride for the crash not the ride.

  • thumper702

    I’ve used the same line for years:

    ATGATT (All the Gear, All the Time)…because if you crash, the world is your belt sander.

    • Davidabl Blankenhorn

      With decent gear there are accidents you’re gonna walk away from that you won’t without it.
      (even ride home if the bike’s still rideable)
      I’ve had 2.

  • ThinkingInImages

    What a great way to get the point across. I’m not going into details but I can tell you first hand skin abrasion damage is just as bad, if not worse, that broken bones. It takes a lot of work/funds to minimize visible scarring. There’s is nothing “cool”, “macho”, or “rebel” about road rash.