Honda Grom makes economical transportation fun

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2014 Honda Grom

Back in England, “Grom” is slang for an unruly kid. The 2014 Honda Grom, known in other markets as the MSX125, is essentially a 21st century take on the monkey bike. For just $2,999, you get a fun little bike that returns, wait for it…130mpg.

“The fuel-injected 125cc engine delivers lots of torque,” describes Honda. “The 4-speed manual transmission works just like any other full-sized bike, the maneuverability and handling make it a joy to ride, and there’s even room for a passenger.”

Equipped with the same fuel-injected, 125cc, four-stroke engine and four-speed gearbox as Honda’s insanely popular Wave scooter, the Grom adds strong styling, a new frame and surprisingly nice components like upside-down forks and a projector beam headlight.

That 125cc single-cylinder makes 9bhp, good for a top speed of nearly 65mph.

Leaving the Wave behind, the MSX125 uses an all-new, steel backbone frame. The engine is exposed as in a naked bike, but there’s heavy emphasis on the stylized plastic bodywork, which lends the bike a purposeful, bold stance. The long single seat does make room for a passenger and there are passenger pegs.

The Grom goes on-sale in the US in August.

Don’t let the perceived size in this first press photo of the Grom fool you. Those wheels are 12 inches in diameter, this thing is tiny!

  • Jonathan Berndt

    now that is a great entry level bike!

    • karlInSanDiego

      It’s not an entry level bike, it’s a self leveling bike. Look at the photo of the yellow one. Damn thing floats.

  • Robert Horn

    I just stopped missing my AR-80…

  • Chris Fetherston

    Now the real question: will a 20HP monster or a pitbike engine bolt right up?

  • Garrett Nelson

    Honda is going to sell so many of those things!

  • Jesse

    Is that Nick Brocha riding?

  • the antagonist

    That looks like serious fun. Plus, the styling is better than what we’ve seen on most of Honda’s big bore bikes and it’s a better modern take on the classic Monster than Ducati’s curent monster. I’d love to see a 250 or 400cc version.

    • nickv


      • the antagonist

        Meh. CB5000f weighs as much as a full size 600 with half the power. Doesn’t look that great either. It’s good for what it is, a new rider / economy bike. But it doesn’t scream FUN like this little guy does.

  • Robotribe

    That’s one of the coolest bikes Honda’s done in decades, and one of the best “updates to an older model” that’s ever been done. I’m having glorious flashbacks to the joy I had to dicking around town with buddies on early BMX bikes in the late 70s. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Sergei Petrov

    minigp bike/commuter! super psyched for this one

  • roma258

    So stoked about this. Perfect bike for so many applications (city bike, pit bike, kart racing track bike, beginner bike, etc…) Hopefully it becomes the Honda cub for the next generation. Honda is on fire!!

  • Troy Rank

    OMG, it is coming to the US!

  • Michael Walt

    You sure that isn’t 2999 pounds, not $

    • orthorim

      It’s been on sale in Thailand for a few months now for $2,400 all inklusive. Keep in mind this is more or less a mini bike. However, it’s a tiny bit taller than the Kawasaki KSR so it fits normal people as well. I thought it was great & I am 5’11

  • Zach Livingston

    I am UNREASONABLY excited about this.

  • Jeremy Alvarado

    so sick, looks like a mini cb500f

  • Bernhard Becker

    This is shurely a nice bike – but how tall is the rider? The bike’s got 12 inch wheels. It is seriously small…

    • Bernhard Becker
    • NOT Shirley

      Yes, it is nice.
      And don’t call me Shirley.

    • James Jackson

      My civic had 13s and could seat 5. 12s doesnt mean its seriously small. Just small in general lol

  • Kr Tong

    It’s ADORABLE. Everyone finally gets to look like adey with arms and legs sticking out everywhere.

  • karlInSanDiego

    So this begs the question. Could they build a CB125R version of the 250R and get 100mpg+? and still maintain 65mph top speed? Then Repsol it, and you got a killer gas beater!

  • tobykeller

    These sell for almost $1000 less here in Thailand…

  • Hugues Caby

    A “Grom” is young surfer. Just check the urban dictionary. It has nothing to do with the British.

  • Mr Paynter

    Shut up and take my money!
    I ride 6km or roughly 4 miles from work, this would be a cheap hoot!

  • Apple

    This thing is amazing. Will anyone ever buy a 125-150cc scooter again?

  • Charles Wadsworth

    I can’t wait ! This is all of my minibike dreams come true! Honda ….don’t screw this up…

  • orthorim

    It might be tiny but this is the best designed new Honda bike in recent years. It’s gorgeous, high quality components for the price. And gorgeous.

  • C Tomlin

    Not so small looking really, as I saw an American couple ride up on one at the Tail of the Dragon this weekend.