Neale Bayly Rides, the trailer

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Premiering June 9 on SPEED, Neale Bayly Rides tales the story of a group of travelers crossing Peru to bring aid to a remote orphanage. Here’s the trailer.

  • Tyler McAvoy

    *tells the story. #corrections

  • Matthew Mason

    The previous trailer looked promising, now it just looks like reality tv on bikes. same as ice road truckers or all the other crap that focuses on arguments. Would have preferred a Anthony Bourdain: no reservations type of presentation but I’ll probably still watch.

    • Adrastos34

      Agreed, I can’t stand the format most shows are taking now, nothing feels genuine. Its even worse if its going to be like that for a show of this nature. Motorcycle adventures… especially in that type of terrain and conditions should develop enough natural drama and excitement for viewers. A trip of this type and length is bound cause tensions between people you are traveling with. However, if I find out they are really playing up drama for the sake of drama I won’t be watching. I am always willing to give this kind of stuff a chance to surprise me though. I hope it turns out to be good, but as you said they should have put this trailer together differently.

  • Tommy Zipprian

    Fun game: Count how many times yellow suit crashes vs total crashes shown in trailer.

  • Bill

    Don’t know why you wouldn’t put knobby tires on for the sand sections. Would have made life easier for the Doctor.