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Rumors of a naked version of the BMW S1000RR have been swirling since the superbike’s debut in 2008. Now, the bike has been captured undergoing validation testing.

These photos and this video come from a reader of Motociclismo.it, who spotted the bike while out riding his scooter in Trento. While the bike’s time on screen is incredibly short, it does reveal some intriguing details.

First among those is this headlight/bikini fairing arrangement. In profile, that tiny screen appears to adopt a floating arrangement, leaving the exposed headlight binnacles to define the bike’s look.

From the front, those headlights appear to adopt a similar asymmetric arrangement to the S1000RR.

Much speculation exists around the final spec of the bike. Conventional wisdom suggests that BMW will follow established naked bike practice and re-tune the motor to move its power and torque peaks lower down the rev range, also reducing the engine’s outright performance in the process.

Looking at these photos, the bike seen here appears to adopt the same USD forks as the S1000RR and even the silver Brembo Monobloc calipers of the HP4. The base S1000RR uses gold non-Monobloc radial Brembos. This, plus word of a previous sighting of an S1000S fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust canister leads Motociclismo to speculate that the bike could be available in two spec levels or simply feature a nice list of optional extras.

As for the name? Well “F” model BMW’s use parallel-twins (ie F800GS), “R” models use boxers (ie R1200GS), less outright sport-focussed inline-fours use a “K” monicker (ie K1300S), leaving the S1000RR as the only bike with an “S” first. That’s led most to speculate that it will kick off a new family of “S” BMWs made up of out-and-out sport bikes. The S1000S will compete with bikes like the Aprilia Tuono V4 and upcoming KTM 1290 Super Duke.

  • Jason 848

    Maybe it’s cause I’m browsing from my phone and the pics are tiny but im surprised people can make out the brakes, forks, calipers ect from those shots.

    Should be a quick bike but the KTM makes me excited…down there…

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      They’re a little fuzzy, but the USDness of the forks and silverness of the radial brake calipers is fairly plain. As is the ABS/TC ring.

    • Jonathan Berndt

      yep, KTM has a way of doing that!

  • http://twitter.com/mchale2020 Jordan

    I think BMW is going to have a difficult time if they try to tune the power down in the sake of shifting the power curve into something more ‘steet oriented’ in the face of the Tuono and Super Duke. The engines used in those competitors have a lot of character outright for obvious reasons; with the BMW you would be taking the main selling point of the S1000RR’s engine and watering that appeal down. It being as oversquare as it is probably doesn’t help matters any. I would just think to give the new naked bike the RR’s electronic package and original engine untouched and call it a day. If rider’s wanted something more exotic, offer the it in HP4 trim.

    Of course, if anybody could take on the challenge of fixing what’s already not broken and not breaking it for the second time, it would be BMW. Hopefully that won’t involve piping induction noise into the rider’s helmet…

    • JP

      I wonder if the will sell it as the naked S1000R but actually build a new engine for the model similar to what Honda did with the CB1000R.

      • http://twitter.com/mchale2020 Jordan

        That is a good point, but I’m not sure if BMW has any other previous inline fours to build upon like what Honda did with the CB or even what Yamaha has done with the FZ. I certainly wouldn’t count that option out though. At that point, however, would be it competitive against the more exotic brands, though? Just glancing back and forth between the spy pics and google search results, I can see the prototype using a similar engine case, swing arm, and the frame section towards the headstock all look very similar to the RR’s.

        • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

          Yeah, I probably should have detailed that stuff. Same exhaust, same engine cases, same swingarm, same frame etc etc. Very doubtful that BMW would invest its (exponentially less than Honda) limited assets in engineering a new motor for a fairly small volume bike.

  • Adrian Black

    Looks like to new Tuono V4R APRC ABS has broken cover in the UK …


    Not sure I’m a fan of this bike … so may go for the Tuono …