Video Review: Ducati 1199 Panigale R

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Sure, it’s the fastest way to lap a race track that you can buy from a showroom, but how’s the Ducati 1199 Panigale R perform in the real world? More importantly, how’s it look on video?

  • Ben

    How do you like the Dainese “Super Speed Tex” jacket?

    • Wes Siler

      Well, I’m wearing something with logos, that’s not all black, which should tell you all you need to know…

      It’s great, fits super well, feels like it’ll really stand up to a crash and the vents really do make hot weather much more comfortable.

      • Paul Kellerman

        Do you recommend the Dainese Laguna Seca suit you’re wearing in this video and what size are you wearing?

  • RT Moto

    That grin while revving says it all. :-)

  • Jonathan Berndt

    funny for all the accolades and hype every magazine is heaping on this machine, its not exactly at the front on the world race scene in the hands of true professionals is it?

    • RT Moto

      That has a lot of different factors going into it. The 1199 has air restrictors, they run spec tires, and the difference is really only a couple hundreds of a second each lap. To the average Joe that is going to be riding this that really doesn’t matter much.

      • Wes Siler

        Yeah, racing isn’t simply a case of turning up with a stock bike. There’s formulas and rules and budgets and all sorts of factors that get between the bike and victory.

        • Jonathan Berndt

          i understand that but its still not exactly setting the racing world on fire either, admittedly its still being developed…

          • Brian

            1st place in the Wold Superstock Championship with the 1199R. If you are looking at WSBK, this is the 1st year of those bikes there versus other bikes that have years of development in comparison. That paired with the ( as RTMoto says) the restrictions in place on the 1199R currently for having 200 more cc’s in displacement over the rest of the 1000cc field of competitors.

            • adeysworld

              On top of that Ducati’s #1 rider Carlos Checa is injured.

          • roma258

            I’d give it a year or two. The S1000RR took a few years to really get rolling in WSBK, and even now it’s not winning a ton of races. No one doubts that it’s an amazing production bike though…

            • Jonathan Berndt

              Amazing to a point, when you say I can only be fully appreciated on a track, and if it weren’t for electronic aides it would be unridable, the amazement part starts to get lost.

    • Robert Horn

      The same was said about the S1000RR for the first year or two…

      • Jonathan Berndt

        Yep have to wait and see. The older you get though you see the magazine hype for what it is… Hype…

  • Tommy Zipprian

    Are you guys planning more video reviews in the future? Short and sweet, I dig it.

    • Wes Siler

      Yep. You can expect to see much more video content around How Tos and Reviews as we grow into

    • C.Stevens

      Needs more engine noise!

  • Dan

    Nice video. Any independent verification of the 200+ mph achieved top speed figure for this bike? (I mean generally, not while you were on it.) This brand has a reputation for being somewhat optomistic with its mechanical claims (cough, “200″ bhp).

    • Wes Siler

      Well, the speedometer stops at 185, but the revs keep climbing sharply once you cross that point.

      Independent verification? I don’t work for Ducati.

      • Dan

        I wasn’t doubting that it keeps going after the speedo tops out at 185, but 200 is really, really, really fast, especially for something that hasn’t had the aeros tweaked for an individual rider (and a 6′+ one at that). As for verification, I was just thinking of something like a GPS laptimer or similar.

        • Wes Siler

          I can’t think of a better indication of speed than revs x gearing.

          • Dan

            That’s a fine method for the engineers, but as a rider you can’t calculate speed that way (depends on transmission ratios that aren’t directly observable), and anyway the rear tire profile would affect speed calculations based on final drive. My point was just that we’re relying on a ducati tech for the 202mph number, and he’s, well, not unbiased. Doesn’t make any practical difference whether it’s 198 or 202 of course, the thing is fast as hell and looks great.

            Anyway – you guys going to be at the IOM this year?

            • Wes Siler

              The rear tire profile was the stock 200/55 and the gear ratios were unaltered.

              • Carcrash

                Also, the diameter of the tire measurably increases at those speeds, raising (numerically lowering) the actual final drive ratio further.

      • shabazzdazz

        it’s amazing – AMA pro SBK racer Chris Ulrich didn’t hit the limiter in 6th, and Nicky Hayden only just barely saw the shift lights flash….

        but WES SILER was able to max it out!!! His talent is truly unbelievable! Tell us what life is like at 200+ WES? And when we’ll see your name on the grid, as a fill in for Spies maybe, although the satellite bike is definitely beneath a man of your supreme abilities!

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke]

    Cheryl Tiegs is old enough to be your grandmother. So is Farrah Fawcett.

    • Wes Siler

      Sorry ma’am.

    • mugget man

      Who cares, man? They were babes!

  • Johnny Thunder

    Sweet review!

    • Wes Siler

      Thanks dude. Come watch MotoGP at my place on Sunday.

      • Johnny Thunder

        If I can make it I will. Just bought a casa in Pasadena so I am moving this weekend.

        • Wes Siler

          Oh awesome, congrats.

  • yoooks

    From a pure tech and innovation standpoint, it’s pretty amazing that you can buy this motorcycle for the price of a well-optioned Honda Accord.

  • Kr Tong

    It’s all downhill from here. Hopefully they come out with a newer sport package or something for all those poor deprived journalists.

  • Gerardo Astroball

    Since I first followed HFL, I’ve never seen Wes on such crush/love affair as with this bike… It’s like the RSV4 never existed..

    So DO IT, and BUY IT or abduct the bike or something…

  • Jay

    Glad to see you are responding on here Wes. A couple of points. 1) “It gets that lightness because there is no frame.” The 1098R had a frame and was 1 pound heavier in rated dry weight. Hard to claim this “30 pounds less than…a Yamaha R6″ is due to the frameless design when a steel trellis framed predecessor was within a cheeseburger. 2) Speaking of trellis frames,what is this “big slab of aluminum” you are talking about replacing? None of this bikes predecessors have ever used the twin spar frame I can only assume you are speaking of, so the aluminum frame obviously did not “have to be there.”

    • Wes Siler

      All of its rivals, with the exception of the RC8 R, use an aluminum spar frame.

      That’s only one part of what makes it so light, but this is a three and a half minute video, not a dissertation on the Panigale’s mechanical specification. There’s entire forums where you can talk about bolt torques and stuff if that’s your thing.

      • Jay

        Haha. You’re the one who brought these things up. Don’t project that I’m some spec nerd. I agree this video would have been better spent one what makes this bike so fun to ride, because your one of the lucky few that been able to wring this bike out, on arguably the best track in America no less.

        Just don’t regurgitate the press release about how crazy light this bike is, especially when it isn’t compared to a bike from from 2 generations and 6 years ago. You are a critic. Be critical.

        • shabazzdazz

          Actually it does have a frame, a monocoque. And it’s not “the fastest motorcycle in the entire world,” which is just an idiotic statement. Don’t set too high of expectations for the “critic” who thinks he went 200mph on it.

          1098R and 1199R, despite the common R, aren’t comparable – the 1098 was $10k more. Invest $10k in precious metals (mag and ti) for your 1199, and tell me what you get.

  • Duczilla

    I think NCR’s M16 is the world’s fastest bike, but I could be wrong. It’s lighter has a more powerful Desmosedici motor and comes standard with a sky high price tag. The Panigale R is awesome, but if you really want to drool and have a i-pad download the NCR app. and it’s free.

  • jjseverin

    Great riding (splitting) towards the end of the review.

  • TheBoatDude

    I didn’t think that one could improve on the Ducati sound. I was wrong; that bike sounds nasty awesome…

  • Khali

    Glad to see you again in front of the camera :)

  • Potreroduc

    Hey Wes, wondering if you guys will do a story/feature on the rules and regs (and rule skirting) of aftermarket exhausts? Yes, the 1199R comes with the Termi race kit (not installed but in a box). But you’re risking a $3000 fix-it ticket if you install it and ride it on the street, right? What’s the real story on putting aftermarket systems on street bikes?

    • Scott Pargett

      Don’t see why couldn’t just throw the stock one back on to have it written off. Usually takes some work on the riders part to get that sort of ticket.

      • Potreroduc

        Thanks Scott, I assume by “work” you mean doing something irritating to the fuzz that would attract their attention. I think the issue with the 1199 in particular, is that “throwing” the stock system back on isn’t easy. It’s a $800-900 install if you don’t do it yourself.