Jamie Robinson Interviews Charley Boorman

Hell For Leather, HFL -



While visiting the Isle of Man TT, Jamie ran into Long Way Round star Charley Boorman and shoved a camera in his face. Here’s the result.

  • James Walker

    fantastic interview. so simple and yet so exciting. you can just feel Charley’s enthusiasm right through the camera

  • jameslegg

    Watching the TT in real life is amazing, utterly different experience to TV – you can’t even tell who anybody is half the time and you can’t usually here the commentary or lap times. It’s really loud and Norton and the MV Augusta in particular are felt rather than heard as an almost painful pressure deep down in your chest. The adrenaline kicks right in and sense of speed when you could literally put your hand out and touch someone (if you didn’t want your hand back) as they go past on 1 wheel or less at 150mph+ is just incredible.

    If you have ever thought of going but have never got around to sorting it out, stop thinking about it and do it. It’s amazing.

  • Brandon Carlson

    Loved watching the TT this year! Can not imagine being there, maybe one year. Great vlog!