Jamie Robinson Reviews The Ducati Diavel Strada

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A performance cruiser? A Tourer? A muscle bike? All three? Jamie dishes dirt on the Ducati Diavel Strada after spending six days riding it through Mexico.

  • Eduardo Fiorini

    Ride Apart and MotoGeo are the same thing? And why aren’t there more new videos on Drive YouTube channel?

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      RideApart and MotoGeo are in no way affiliated. Beyond Jamie being a good friend of ours, of course.

      Our show will be returning later this year, bigger and better than ever. We’ll be able to release details soon.

      • Jason 848

        “F*** this bike” – Adey on the garage company triumph. Lol good times hoping rideapart is back soon.

      • kyle foulkes


      • Brian

        it is sad ( IMHO ) that Jamie isn’t a part officially of the RideApart crew, as I love his candor and the way he puts things, even if sometimes it seems like he is being way too positive in trying to not say anything bad or list deficiencies. His adventures ( which seem a lot of the time like; “hey, I want to go eat this, so let me make a trip video out of it” ) are awesome.

  • Tuscan Foodie

    “you have got the ability to go long distance”, he says. And yet, in his trip to Baja, he run out of fuel twice, because the fuel tank on that thing is as ridiculous as on my XR1200X…(I know he meant the time between services, but that sentence made me laugh). These are bikes not meant for the long haul, irrespective of what the marketing is telling us. Of course you can travel 10000 miles on it in one week: most things can be done with almost any bike. But let’s not fool ourselves: this is NOT a touring/long distance bike. And those panniers look very cheap and super small.

    • http://ericrshelton.com/ Eric R. Shelton

      Thank you for saying irrespective and not “irregardless”. I have the tiniest grammar geek cruch on you now. LOL.
      I almost bought a XR1200x- what kept me from doing it was reports of tanks bulging. What issues do you have with the tank that you don’t like? I thought it was a decent capacity…?

      • Tuscan Foodie

        Then you should know that I am not a native English speaker: does this make your crush bigger?

        I have had the XR for more than 2 years now: my tank didn’t bulge, although the owners’ forum is full of people who had that problem. Incidentally, it is the same issue that many Ducati GT1000 had underneath their tank: apparently the manufacturers/materials used for the tank covers are the same for the two bikes, and it is the US fuel chemical composition that make them bulge. Or so I am told.

        I love my XR, but I often refer to it as a mistake. I mostly ride long-distance tours (recently did 3800 miles in a long loop Chicago-Badlands-Black Hills-Yellowstone/return), and this bike was not designed for this. It is like marrying a wonderful one night stand: you know you have made a mistake and that you are not meant for each other.

        Having said that, that bad boy has been taking me for long trips for the past two years, and I never had a problem. But it has two major problems, when it comes to long distance traveling: the fuel tank is way too small (3.5 gallon – I think the Diavel is 4.5), and it gives you an autonomy of 150miles, 175miles if you are very lucky; and the seat is an instrument of torture. There is nothing you can do about the tank apart carrying an extra fuel tank, like I did. As for the seat, I had my air-hawk cushion, but unfortunately I had hurt my tailbone last year (still because of that seat…), and I was still suffering. In the end I bought a 25$ fleece blanket, and folded it in between the seat and the airhawk. It worked, but if I don’t fix the seat problem (perhaps with a Corbin seat), this bike will have to go.

  • grb

    You probably ment to say hell’s angels, because this bike’s sound is the last sound i would imagine to describe the “sound of angels singing”, thats the worst descrption of a termignoni exhaust i have ever heard hehe…. Cool video