Surfing In Baja Via Sidecar

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Filmed by Scott Toepfer, the guys from Iron & Resin head for Baja, Mexico to surf and skate aboard a Ural sidecar.

  • Chris Fetherston

    So, did anyone actually paddle out? Or did they just ride around a beach with surfboards strapped on the whole time.

    • Dustin Coury

      I definitely would have enjoyed seeing some surfing. Cuatro Casas, where that was filmed, is a bitchin little community to surf and get away.

    • Thom

      Actually, we paddled out everyday. The surf that was forecast to be 4-6 feet all week, did not materialize. The riding footage ended up being much more interesting than the 2 foot slop we surfed all week. We did discover some interesting point break setups further down the coast that were now much more accessible with the Ural rig. All scouted for the next trip when there will hopefully be better surf.